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MMWUC: Rockin’ Chilean pow, a spectacular slackline, much more

At its core, Monday Morning Wake Up Call is an original, weekly FREESKIER column that boasts the hottest ski videos and a collection of other Internet gold from the previous week. From banging park shoots, to epic face shots and an array of obscure videos that grace the web, you’ll find ’em here, along with our personal take. Be sure to tune in every Monday to kick your week off right and get your dose of rockin’ content.

Best of Shred:

Tom Wallisch’s Good Company 2Trailer

If you weren’t already stoked for winter, you’ll surely be wishing for cold weather today, thanks to Tom Wallisch and his Good Company. The crew has announced—along with the teaser above—that episode two of its popular web series will be released on September 1. As expected, this round will be packed with an excessive amount of greatness from the backcountry to the streets. Get a taste of what’s to come above.

A Day in the Park Slayin’ Life of Evan McEachran

It’s no secret among professional slopestyle skiers that Evan McEachran is the real deal. Since making his first X Games appearance just last season, the Ontario-native has been consistently climbing to the top of the AFP standings, where he currently stands at #15 in the world rankings. Being just eighteen years old, it’s safe to say that McEachran has a bright future in competition skiing ahead of him.

4FRNT Skis’ Trailer for 2015 film, Shaping Skiing

The ski company’s newest team member, urban skier Cam Riley joins the likes of Kye Petersen, Wiley Miller, David Wise, Eric Hjorleifson and Thayne Rich in the brand’s 2015 flick. With a stacked athlete lineup, this flick is one you don’t want to miss. Enjoy the trailer above.

Alex Hall goes H.A.M. in The Hood

See rising slopestyle star Alex Hall boogey down at Mt. Hood this summer. Watch out all of you competition skiers, this kid is coming out swinging next season.

Chilean Pow Party

With an incredible amount of snowfall in South America this season, skiers Patrick Desjardins, Oz Scott and Will Dujardin ventured to Chile to join in on the pow party. Try not to froth at the mouth as you watch the crew’s latest edit from El Colorado.

Best of the Rest:

World Record Free Solo Slackline

I would typically stray away from posting slackline videos, but this is just absolutely insane. Watch this lunatic slack line across a massive canyon without a safety harness. Before checking it out, you should know that he comes within inches of falling to his death. Major props to this balance beam guru for completing this epic stunt.

Horn Wired to Brake Pedal Prank

This is genius. If you’re ever looking for a new prank to pull on baby bro, just re-wire his horn to his brakes. Enough said.

Harley The Cockatoo Screaming into a Cup

Harley is cute and all, but I’m not sure we would be the best of roommates. After about ten seconds of this I am evicting his cockatoo tail.

Caught in the Selfie Act

It’s up for debate whether of not this is real. 1:27 seconds of selfie’ing in the playground? I hope she has a 64GB phone, because she is loading that photo library right up. She mos’ def got her next tinder profile photo though.

Hilarious Musical Audition

When mum says, "take your brother with you"

Posted by Viral Thread on Friday, February 6, 2015

This video is hilarious, but the caption is what really made it for me. “When mom says, ‘take your brother with you.'” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Also, these guys names are Ant and Seb? That has to be fake, right. Too perfect. Absolutely stunning performance out of Seb. Backup singer / hype man of the century.

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