FREESKIER Buyer's Guide 2022

FREESKIER Buyer's Guide 2022

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Videos | July 25, 2022

[Throwback] 'Glacier Days // The Movie' (2018)

20 minutes of joy, brought to you by Sämi Ortlieb and the ‘Glacier Days’ crew. Sunshine, style, and spectacular skiing.

Stories | July 19, 2022

Joona Kangas at Kimbo Sessions, through the eyes of Brady Perron

The camera work of Brady Perron is some of the best in the world of skiing and beyond. During this years Kimbo Sessions, Perron pointed his lens toward Joona Kangas, and the magic that ensued is sure to have you hitting repeat for several days.

Stories | July 18, 2022

Live from Denmark - 2022 Scandinavian Summer Skiing Team Battle

Some of the greatest skiers around, battling it out for the pride of their country on the greenest grass around. Sound like a video game? No my friend, the future is now! Check out the Scandinavian team battle 2022, live from Copenhill in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Stories | July 18, 2022

WNDR Alpine launches new SpiralMade Recycled Material in 2023 Ski Construction

Breaking down the old and making it new. WNDR Alpine’s SpiralMade recycled materials program brings life to the scraps of ski construction. Looking to its own by-products, the Utah-based brand is finding new ways to limit the side-effects of gear manufacturing by taking the excess material, grinding it up into a pulp, pressing it into

Videos | July 13, 2022

[Throwback] Keegan Kilbride 'Habit' segment (2017)

Keegan Kilbride and Will Berman dazzle in this rock solid street and park segment from Level1’s 2017 film ‘Habit’.

News | July 10, 2022

DIY Backyard Rails - with Kevin Salonius and LINE

Summer doesn’t have to mean the end of skiing! From the comfort of your own backyard, you can enjoy the simple satisfaction of sliding tubes on skis. Kevin Salonius shows you how to build your own PVC rail, with LINE Skis.

Stories | July 6, 2022

Gavin Rudy and friends - 'Penken State of Mond'

After a few days in Austria, Gavin Rudy compiled the shots he got from iconic Penken Park with a plethora of skiings best. The result is one of the greatest impromptu ski edits you’ll ever see. Incredible talent, incredible energy. Summah Euro style baby!

News | July 1, 2022

Dani Bacher takes home Rider of the Week at Kimbo Sessions

Kimbo Sessions is host to numerous iconic riders every year, which makes going home the Rider of the Week that much more impressive. Check out why Dani Bacher earned the coveted title in this beautiful edit.

Stories | June 30, 2022

Mammoth Mountain through the lens of Christian Pondella

A look at one of skiing’s most iconic destinations, shot by one of skiing’s most iconic photographers.

Videos | June 28, 2022

[BTS] Mt. Hood, Tom Wallisch, and the '08 Level1 dream team

A look back at one of the best sessions in skiing.