FREESKIER Buyer's Guide 2023

FREESKIER Buyer's Guide 2023

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Stories | January 25, 2023

MSP athletes talk the fickle side of skiing North Americas biggest peaks

Sammo Cohen, Michelle Parker, McKenna Peterson and Lucas Wachs head to AK.

Stories | January 24, 2023

Moonshine Highway: Finding powder stashes and ski culture south of the Mason Dixon Line

In West Virginia, there’s plenty of ski culture to go around.

Stories | January 23, 2023

[Age Gap] Andrew Pollard interviews Chris Benchetler

Both are students of their craft—insatiable consumers of ski media, pupils of freeriding’s roots and purveyors of its future.

Videos | January 20, 2023

[MUST WATCH] 'Hustle & Motivate with Henrik Harlaut'

Your inspiration for the week is here. Featuring only the mad dog himself, ‘Hustle & Motivate with Henrik Harlaut’ is exactly what it sounds like. Street skiing from around the globe and enough passion for the industry 10x over.

Gear | January 19, 2023

[TOPSHEET] Talkin’ ski, surf and skate with Ben Brough

INTERVIEW — Samuel Taggart Born and raised in Hawaii, Ben Brough is a skater and a surfer at heart. A former team athlete for Volcom, Brough traveled the world competing in surf events as a teenager and, to his benefit, had the opportunity to visit museums and meet with artists as he worked to craft his

News Flash
Stories | January 18, 2023

News Flash: Week of January 18, 2023

“News Flash” is FREESKIER’s online column designed to keep you up-to-date with snippets of outdoor news you need to know about.

Stories | January 18, 2023

Spot Check — Québec and the birth of street skiing

Tom Wallisch dishes on Québec and the rich culture of its street skiing, architecture, and infamous features.

Videos | January 17, 2023

The Faction Collective presents - 'Mt. Hood'

Join four members of the Faction Collective on a spring mission to momma Hood. Spring corn, booters, frisbee golf; what’s not to love?

Stories | January 17, 2023

Find another world at Sun Peaks

The hike-to terrain is why you’ll come, the tucked away vibe is why you’ll stay.

Stories | January 16, 2023

Why "Fantasy Ridge" is one of Julian Carr's favorite Utah resort zones

Learn about iconic sender Julian Carr’s favorite zone at Solitude Mountain Resort; one of Utah’s lesser-known gems.