FREESKIER Buyer's Guide 2022

FREESKIER Buyer's Guide 2022

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Best all-mountain skis 101-109
Gear | October 14, 2021

The best big-mountain skis of 2022

Finding the fall line will come easily on these versatile sticks.

blizzard bonafide 97
Gear | October 14, 2021

[DEEP DIVE] Blizzard Bonafide 97 Review

The updated Bondafide is more approachable than ever.

qst 98
Gear | October 14, 2021

[DEEP DIVE] Salomon QST 98 Review

“We took the rocket ship of the QST 99 and created a ski with more options.”

line blade
Gear | October 14, 2021

[DEEP DIVE] Line Blade Review

Line is no stranger to creative shapes.

rmu apostle 3.0 wood
Gear | October 14, 2021

[DEEP DIVE] RMU Apostle 3.0 Review

The new Apostle 3.0 series only improves upon RMU’s longest standing model.

j skis the master blaster
Gear | October 12, 2021

[DEEP DIVE] J skis The Masterblaster Review

Featured Image: Christopher Newett Last year, we described The Masterblaster as having “handling reminiscent of a Corvette, paired with the all-terrain capabilities of a Land Cruiser.” Apparently, that wasn’t enough for the team of designers at J skis. This year, they’ve upped the ante, turning that Land Cruiser into a certified EarthRoamer. The biggest change

Gear | October 12, 2021

[Tech Talk] FREESKIER’s no-nonsense guide to buying skis

Feature Image: Courtesy of Blizzard Cutting through the jargon that surrounds buying skis can be tough. To help you better understand the products you need for a great day on the hill, we’ve brought in the expert Gearheads from Backcountry. MALLORY SAYS… What are the biggest trends you’re seeing in ski construction right now? Alpine skis

M6 Mantra
Gear | October 12, 2021

[DEEP DIVE] Völkl M6 Mantra Review

The Mantra is a brand-defining ski for Völkl.

Bolle Ryft Helmet
Gear | October 11, 2021

[DEEP DIVE] Bollé Ryft Helmet Review

The RYFT takes its place at the top of the podium.

lange xt3 tour pro
Gear | October 11, 2021

[DEEP DIVE] Lange XT3 Tour Pro Review

Featured Image: Florian Monot What’s that charging up the skin track not even wearing spandex? It sure looks like a Lange World Cup boot, but is it? For the 2021-22 season, Lange is taking its rich downhill history into the backcountry with its new XT3 Tour Pro boot, blue-and-orange color scheme included—a literal representation of