Welcome to Level 1 SuperUnknown 21 at Mammoth Mountain

Welcome to Level 1 SuperUnknown 21 at Mammoth Mountain

Featured Image: Eric Hoffman

Spring is in the air and with it the commencement of the annual global talent search that is Level 1 SuperUnknown. From April 18-23, FREESKIER will be on scene at Mammoth Mountain, California. Sixteen finalists will battle for the throne, while over 40 pros cruise alongside a private park built by the top-tier shapers here at Mammoth Unbound.

There are few things you can count on in life: death, taxes and Level 1 SuperUnknown. Every year for over two decades, the iconic Denver-based film production company has hosted a global call to action for up-and-coming skiers, inviting them to submit their best clips in hopes of being selected as a finalist. These finalists are then meticulously analyzed, and eventually, the overall male and female winners are chosen. SuperUnknown has gone through several iterations to bring its current form to life. Eleven years ago, the formula was changed when finalists were invited to come and ride with one another at a premier park build after being selected. Previously, entrants were judged on their video parts alone. Such an event was entirely new, giving a sense of community that young riders rarely had a chance to come by. Past locations of the legendary event have included Sun Valley, Sierra Tahoe, The Summit at Snoqualmie, Mount Snow, Sun Valley, Winter Park, and Eldora, with the current iteration at Mammoth Mountain, California.

SuperUnknown has hardly stalled since then. The addition of a female winner in 2019 spurred more entrees from the women of skiing, and last year, Level 1 decided to send out invitations to a handful of pros from around the world. It was met with resounding excitement and a fantastic turnout as Level 1 alumni and respected riders poured into Mammoth, coming together for six days of riding alongside the finalists.

Day one riders meeting | PHOTO: Eric Hoffman
Tucker FitzSimons on the quad kink rail on day one of SuperUnknown. | PHOTO: Brie Cooper

Today, FREESKIER is here to confirm that SuperUnknown is as alive as ever. The 21st edition began with an electric first day. The talented riders and finalists took to Mammoth Unbound’s South Park to explore the custom-built private venue. As they began to roll through the features, there was a palpable mix of awe and excitement from this crew. Liam Downey was back with the team and crushing the jump line with ease. Parker White hurled a double backie off the final hip. Jonah Williams and Blake Wilson, both previous SuperUnknown champions in their own rights, were making quick work of the massive rail selection. Finalists Jackson Jenkins and Evelyn Mule came out absolutely swinging, as several of the pro riders were talking about their lack of hesitation rolling into the XXL features scattered throughout.

Check out the course preview and feature list below.

SuperUnknown 21 Feature Description

· S to C rail
· Flat rail
· Top DFD
· Quad kink
· Gap down tube
· Y transfer
· Elbow tube
· Wrecking ball
· Down donkey
· Elbow rail transfer
· Sharkfin
· Middle jump
· Mushroom jump
· Wallride
· Rail garden
· Up to down rail
· Jump 1
· jump 2
· Jump 3
· Whale tail
· Rainbow to down
· Hip
· Wallride tube

SuperUnknown has become a culture epicenter for freeskiing. This was evident on the very first day. You could practically remake 3/4 of every ski movie in the last 15 years with the names that have come out to shred. Joss Christensen, Parker White, Jackson Wells, Taylor Lundquist, Jonah Williams, Liam Downey, Isabella Tvede-Jensen, Will Wesson…the list goes on and on. The finalist talent also runs incredibly deep. Watching these young riders illustrates that the progression of skiing has never been more tangible, and it’s an incredible sight, to say the least. Be sure to watch this day one recap prepared by Chris Topher Newett, and stay tuned as we’ve got five more days of action coming down the line.

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