2024 Level 1 SuperUnknown: Day One Photo Gallery

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2024 Level 1 SuperUnknown: Day One Photo Gallery

Featured Image: Eric Hoffman | Skier: Parker White

April 18, 2024, at Mammoth Mountain, was a day to remember—the first day of Level 1’s SuperUnknown 21 with a stellar list of pro riders and finalists that would give the 1992 NBA dream team a run for their money. Excitement and awe overtook the crew as they laid eyes on the private terrain park built for the event by the incredible team at Mammoth Unbound. The iconic Unbound pink rails shimmered in the California sunshine, and with minimal hesitation, skiers began to find their lines through the plethora of features. The talent was as strong behind the camera as it was in front. Photographers Brie Cooper and Eric Hoffman took note of the action and captured it in pristine style. Take a look at the official FREESKIER photo gallery from day one of SuperUnknown 21.

Photo Gallery

Images: Brie Cooper & Eric Hoffman

SKIER: Parker White | PHOTO: Eric Hoffman
The full crew assembles for the day one meeting. | PHOTO: Eric Hoffman
PHOTO: Eric Hoffman
SKIER: Keagan Supple | PHOTO: Brie Cooper
SKIER: Kuura Koivisto | PHOTO: Brie Cooper
SKIER: Sampo Valloton | PHOTO: Eric Hoffman
SKIER: Mac Forehand | PHOTO: Brie Cooper
SKIER: Pete Koukov | PHOTO: Brie Cooper
SKIER: Evelyn Mullie | PHOTO: Eric Hoffman
SKIER: Tucker FitzSimons | PHOTO: Brie Cooper
SKIER: Parker White | PHOTO: Eric Hoffman
Thanks to Monster Energy and Dale’s for supporting SuperUnknown 21!