Kye Petersen, In Search, Monday Morning Wake Up Call

MMWUC: Kye Petersen’s bangin’ new trailer, man sunbathing atop a windmill, more

MMWUC: Kye Petersen’s bangin’ new trailer, man sunbathing atop a windmill, more

At its core, Monday Morning Wake Up Call is an original, weekly FREESKIER column that boasts the hottest ski videos and a collection of other Internet gold from the previous week. From banging park shoots, to epic face shots and an array of obscure videos that grace the web, you’ll find ’em here, along with our personal take. Be sure to tune in every Monday to kick your week off right and get your dose of rockin’ content.

Best of Shred:

Official trailer for Kye Petersen’s film, In Search

In Search is a short film covering a skier seeking adventures into deep backcountry zones on skis and showcasing a fun and innovative approach to riding all aspects of the mountain,” writes Inspired Media Concepts. “From ski-touring technical pillow lines, to hitting tricky natural hits, to free riding deep spine lines and spending cold nights camped out in pursuit of remote peaks. This project will take a look into the all around progression of free riding all types of backcountry terrain.”

13-year-old Cody LaPlante’s Season Edit

For those of you who don’t already know Cody LaPlante, he’s a thirteen-year-old freeskier out of Lake Tahoe, California, on the fast track to the top of slopestyle skiing. Don’t believe me? Check out his 2014-15 season edit as proof. Oh, did I mention that he’s sponsored by Red Bull? Keep dominating the terrain park, Cody.

All Us In Winterland crew conquers New Zealand’s Southern Alps

Team All Us In Winterland recently set out on a three-day camping mission in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. The crew, consisting of Fraser McDougall, Cam McDermid, Charlie Lyons and snowboarder Stef Zeestraten, took to the mountains to bag a couple of peaks and ski some amazing terrain. The results? Breathtaking scenery, blower pow and a plethora of incredible content. Witness the sickness in the video above, and be sure to book your ticket to New Zealand next year.

Full Movie: Revision Skis’ team flick, Advance

Advance is the result of a season [spent] chasing snow with friends in both the backcountry and the streets,” writes Revision Skis. “Our path took us to British Columbia, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Sweden, Russia, and more.”

Aidan Sheahan stars in The Turning Tides

Aidan Sheahan has teamed up with fellow Aspen local Loren James to create a series of web edits this year. The first installation from the duo gives us a taste Sheahan’s silky smooth style and James’ camera skills as they cruise the park at Aspen Snowmass. We’re stoked to see what else the two create this season, and you should be too.

Best of the Rest:

Splitting New York City

Excellent work out of this guy. Keeping people on their toes in the Big Apple (New York, New York). The straight face is essential.

Football (soccer) Bin Trick Shots

I’m always impressed by these videos. Enjoy 1:30+ of fancy footwork out of Kiernan Brown.

Usain Bolt Taken Down by a Man on a Segway


Usain Bolt has arguably the most expensive legs on the planet. Does this camera man care? Apparently not. He’s dedicated to nailing the shot, plain and simple.

Drone Spots a Sunbather atop a Windmill


“Drone pilot spots man sunbathing on top of wind turbine 200-feet above ground.” Not much else needs to be said about this gem.

Charlie Caper Performing his Bottle Routine


Is this real? Feel free to inform me how he pulled this one off in the comments section below.

Want more awesome videos? Relive the glory from last week’s Wake Up Call, here.

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