Monday Morning Wake Up Call

MMWUC: 193-foot cliff jump, stylish park shredding and much more

MMWUC: 193-foot cliff jump, stylish park shredding and much more

At its core, Monday Morning Wake Up Call is an original, weekly FREESKIER column that boasts the hottest ski videos and a collection of other Internet gold from the previous week. From banging park shoots, to epic face shots and an array of obscure videos that grace the web, you’ll find ’em here, along with our personal take. Be sure to tune in every Monday to kick your week off right and get your dose of rockin’ content.

Best of Shred:

Noah Albaladejo and Magnus Granér in Tabidaque

The latest video from Noah Albaladejo and Magnus Granér is pure hot fire. Enjoy watching the duo, plus Pako Benguerel, annihilate the Les Deux Alpes summer setup for two straight minutes. These dudes have style for miles.

Martin Lentz 2015 Season Edit

Twenty-year-old Martin Lentz knows how to put the pedal to the metal. The big mountain ripper claimed the top spot at this year’s “Wrangle the Chute” event at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, and skied at an array of Freeride World Qualifier stops. Whether he’s competing or just out soul shredding, the kid is always charging hard. In the edit above, you’ll find a collection of the skier’s favorite shots from the 2014-15 season. Enjoy the show as he rolls the dice and stomps with authority.

Molt Fort (More Hard)

“Hold on to your chair for this one. Dynastar athlete Dorian Densmore spent a few days skiing in Las Lenas, Argentina earlier this month. While he normally calls the Tetons home, he found himself right at home in the tight rocky couloirs of the Andes mountains. Watch as he drops into some of the tightest and sketchiest lines of the summer.”

MSP Films’ Fade to Winter Official Trailer

MSP Films spent the 2014-15 season scouring Mother Earth for the most epic locales to shoot for their upcoming fall release, Fade to Winter. Along for the ride was a team of freeskiing’s top athletes: Markus Eder, Bobby Brown, Michelle Parker, Mark Abma, Tanner Rainville, Aaron Blunck, James Heim, Sean Jordan, PK Hunder and more. Today, the world renowned production company out of Crested Butte, Colorado is proud to showcase the trailer for its 2015-16 feature. The crew stacked shots from Alaska, to Iceland, British Columbia, Japan, Colorado, Italy and New England all in ultra high definition 4k. Get stoked, people—you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Behind the Scenes: Good Company Two

The Good Company crew is like a well oiled machine with years of experience and an array of different parts and pieces. Skiers Tom Wallisch, Tim McChesney, Niklas Eriksson, Dale Talkington, John Ware, Chris Laker, Adam Delorme, Karl Fostvedt, Joss Christensen and Collin Collins have spent the past year traveling, skiing and creating the best ski films possible, while having the best time imaginable. Above, you’ll find a behind the scenes video featuring the gang, along with filmers AJ Dakoulas, Kyle Decker, Andrew Napier and Tom Arnell as they discuss the year behind them and what lies ahead.

Best of the Rest:

World Record Cliff Jump

193 feet and 3.58 seconds of airtime. This guy is an absolute maniac. Enough said.

Lightning Strikes an Airplane

If you’re already nervous about flying, you probably don’t want to watch this. It’s hard to say what would happen if this plane was in the air during the strike. Pretty scary stuff.

White Shark Attempts to Attack a Seal

Swing batter batter, swing! It’s safe to say that this seal just saw his life flash before his eyes. Think he made it out alive?

“Calm” Owl

I have few words for this video. If you ask me, this owl is anything but calm. He is looking into our souls with those massive eyeballs. What a creep.

Freerunning Illusions

Pretty entertaining stuff out of this “freerunner.” I won’t lie, I was stumped on a few of these stunts. Note: The banana act would have been my favorite, but I felt that it wasn’t executed as well as it could have been.

Want more awesome videos? Relive the glory from last week’s Wake Up Call, here.

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