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MMWUC: Ep. 1 of “Glacier Days,” a backwards home run, and much more

At its core, Monday Morning Wake Up Call is an original, weekly FREESKIER column that boasts the hottest ski videos and a collection of other Internet gold from the previous week. From banging park shoots, to epic face shots and an array of obscure videos that grace the web, you’ll find ’em here, along with our personal take. Be sure to tune in every Monday to kick your week off right and get your dose of rockin’ content.

Best of Shred:

Windells Camp session 5 (FREESKIER Week) recap

FREESKIER Week 2015 at Windells Camp was all-time. Thanks to videographer extraordinaire Gavin Rudy, all of the on-snow action was captured to be shared to the masses. Enjoy watching Crazy Karl Fostvedt, Nikki Blackall, Noah Wallace, Jonah Williams, campers and company wreak havoc atop Mt. Hood.

Angel Collinson and Hadley Hammer Go To Summer Camp

Angel Collinson and Hadley Hammer are two of the best female big mountain skiers on the planet. This summer, The North Face athletes decided that to take their talents to the terrain park to see what they are made of. With the help of Tom Wallisch and Nick Martini, the duo conquers multiple park features and overcomes some major obstacles. Check it out now.

Will Wesson, Rob Heule and Sämi Ortlieb present Glacier Days

Will Wesson, Rob Heule and Sämi Ortlieb have released episode one of their new four part video series, Glacier Days. Over the next couple of months, the crew will be releasing a new installment every other week, showcasing their talents at Zermatt’s Snowpark. You can expect a plethora of jaw-dropping tricks and lines from the creative bunch. Enjoy the first episode above and get stoked for winter.

Kitten Factory’s 2015 season edit

This hard-charging, mountain-slaying group of guys is not pussyfooting around. Enjoy Kitten Factory’s latest edit, showcasing some stylish tricks and beefy lines, all on next year’s batch of boards.

Revision Skis’ Smoke Show

Watch Sandy Boville, Chris McKeever, Sam Zahner, and Mike King take on the Horstman Glacier in Revision Skis’ summer rendezvous at Camp of Champions.

Best of the Rest:

Dude hits an unbelievable homerun


This guy must get all of the ladies (and/or dudes). As a former high school baseball player, I can’t even fathom how he makes such good contact on this ball. Also, I’d like to note, I’m not sure why he is batting like this in the first place. Is his team winning by so much that the batters are messing around? If so, this is extremely embarrassing for the other team.

Jet Skiing Bulldog

If you don’t love this dog, you’re not a real human. Just crushing it with a cool breeze and some sick motorcycle goggles. It’s always a great day to be a dog.

Yet another awesome bike video

There ain’t nothing wrong with a hard charging freestyle biking video. This was a pretty creative take from Blake Samson, so I thought I’d share. Also, did you know that our readers claim to enjoy mountain biking more than any other summer sport?

This little girl can put anything to sleep

She can make everything to sleep, OMG! Challenge the impossible! Can you hypnotize your pets and wake up them on time? This little girl can do it!

Posted by I-Love-Africa on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This is the ultimate pick up move. All of you dudes out there need to learn how to put adorable animals to sleep and give them to the ladies.

The next karate kid?


This kid just doesn’t even give a f#ck. Screw Taekwando, there’s no rules when it comes to street fighting. You just do whatever it takes to break someones nose. That’s exactly what he was doing with this measly board.

Want more awesome videos? Relive the glory from last week’s Wake Up Call, here.

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