The top 20 all-mountain skis of 2017

The top 20 all-mountain skis of 2017

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Whether you’re ripping down a groomer, carving on ice or exploring the backside you want an all-mountain ski that can handle it all. Well, you’re in luck, because skis listed below have all earned the coveted badge of Editors’ Pick in our 2017 Buyer’s Guide. That is to say, we tested and then chose these planks as the best all-mountain skis on the market for the 2016-17 season, consisting of the top 10 90-99 mm freeride and the top 10 90-99 mm freestyle skis. So scroll away, check ’em out and try not to drool too much while you’re at it.

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90-99 mm freeride skis

You might enjoy these skis if… You’re all about speed and stability. If your skiing style were compared to a musical group, you’d likely be Metallica or Slayer. The act of laying your skis on edge makes you all tingly inside, and the thought of a meticulously groomed, steep run pitches your tent. Imagining a fast-paced zipper line will have the same effect. You generally prefer a directional ski that’ll take your trench digging to new levels, because, for you, carving isn’t just a thing, it’s everything.

1. J Skis Masterblaster


Overall Score: 8.92

“Much like the dual-bodied character from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome that shares its name, the Masterblaster has what J calls a ‘split personality.’ It burns down groomers like a Formula One racecar but is maneuverable and playful when called upon…” Click for full review and scores.

2. Fischer Ranger 98 Ti


Overall Score: 8.70

“The title of ‘Ranger’ is reserved for the most badass among us and the Fischer Ranger 98 Ti is no exception. It quite simply has it all…” Click for full review and scores.

3. Nordica Enforcer 93


Overall Score: 8.43

“New for 2016-17, the Enforcer 93 is the slightly slimmed-down version of its big brother, the Enforcer 100, which just happened to win No. 1 honors in the 100-114 mm freeride skis category…” Click for full review and scores.

4. Icelantic Pioneer 96


Overall Score: 8.37

“Icelantic’s Pioneer 96 was awarded a score of 9.78 in the versatility category by our battalion of talented testers. Indeed, it’s meant to excel all over the resort…” Click for full review and scores.

5. Dynafit Meteorite


Overall Score: 8.45

“Dynafit continues to push further into the freeride market with the brand-new Meteorite ski. It has a practical 98-mm waist width and is constructed with an ash and poplar wood core, providing fantastic strength-to-weight ratio…” Click for full review and scores.

6. Kästle FV95 HP


Overall Score: 8.27

“Kästle calls the FX95 HP ‘The Sword,’ because its slicing and dicing capabilities rival those of any Game of Thrones character. Just gander at that carving score. Its stout silver fir wood core backed by not one, but two layers of Titanal translates to stability and power…” Click for full review and scores.

7. Black Crows Camox


Overall Score: 8.26

“The Camox’s mix of tip and tail rocker and camber underfoot translates to top-notch handling through the trees and bumps and rip roarin’ good times on the open slopes…” Click for full review and scores.

8. Salomon QST 99


Overall Score: 8.20

“Think of the new QST line from Salomon as a fleet of rocket ships. With scores of 9.32 in carving and 9.28 in stability, the proof is in the pudding for this 99-mm-waisted iteration…” Click for full review and scores.

9. Völkl 90Eight


Overall Score: 8.17

“Back for its second season, there’s nothing sophomoric about the 90Eight’s frontside performance. On top of its high-speed ability, it’s lightweight and highly maneuverable…” Click for full review and scores.

10. Line Supernatural 92


Overall Score: 8.14

“The Supernatural 92 worked on its figure for 2016-17, seeking a shape that promoted seamless turn initiation without any bite-back when put on edge. It now boasts a wider shovel and tail while maintaining the same waist width…” Click for full review and scores.

90-99 mm freestyle skis

You might enjoy these skis if… When you give your local mountain a solid up-and-down look from the chairlift you see an infinite playground at your disposal. You identify every natural feature in sight—wind lips, tree bonks, mogul fields, cat tracks, cliffs—and ponder how you might perform tricks onto, off of or over each of ’em. You actively seek rollers to tail press, butter or hand drag across, and you’re no stranger to the terrain park, either. You prefer skis with a softer flex and a solid mix of rocker and camber, allowing you to smear up a storm one minute and lock ’er down for high-speed carving the next.

1. Armada ARV 96


Overall Score: 8.94

“All new this year, the ARV 96 is the confident middle child of the 86, 96, 106 ARV family. Having absorbed the maneuverability of its younger sibling and also the deep-snow-crushing characteristics of its older brother, versatility is 96’s bread and butter…” Click for full review and scores.

2. Head Venturi 95


Overall Score: 8.88

“The Venturi 95’s rocker-camber-rocker combination equals a healthy balance of playfulness and carving excellence, while an elastomer tip and tail stabilizer system helps to dampen things up for a mighty smooth ride…” Click for full review and scores.

3. Majesty Dirty Bear


Overall Score: 8.84

“This ski rips. A full poplar and ash wood core supplemented by fiberglass provides a happy balance of weight, dampening and pop. Hefty camber underfoot and a 90-degree sidewall for solid edge grip allow you to make a comfortable attempt at breaking the sound BEAR-ier…” Click for full review and scores.

4. Nordica Soul Rider


Overall Score: 8.78

“A fourth generation member of the esteemed Editors’ Pick club, the Soul Rider is back for another season of all-mountain turnin’ and burnin’. Its carving-friendly camber construction is accompanied by subtle tip and tail rocker for floaty and maneuverable good times…” Click for full review and scores.

5. K2 Poacher


Overall Score: 8.73

“Though the Poacher is a new offering for 2016-17, it’s not entirely new for K2. In fact, the Seattle-based brand released a ski of the same name back in ’96, claiming it as the ‘the first modern twin tip’…” Click for full review and scores.

6. J Skis Allplay


Overall Score: 8.71

“The Allplay’s carbon stringers provide that lightweight maple core and four-way fiberglass contribute top-notch energy transfer and responsiveness. Well done, J…” Click for full review and scores.

7. Scott Punisher 95


Overall Score: 8.68

“Back in Scott’s lineup for its second year, the Punisher 95 was celebrated by our testers as a versatile all-mountain tool, highly capable in choppy, soft snow and on hardpack, too…” Click for full review and scores.

8. Rossignol Slat


Overall Score: 8.65

“An Editors’ Pick winner four years running, the Slat should be strongly considered by any skier who seeks to mimic the moves of pro shredders Parker White and Chris Logan…” Click for full review and scores.

9. 4FRNT Gaucho


Overall Score: 8.64

“This ski excels all over the frontside through a range of snow conditions. That burliness? A layer of Titanal coupled with camber underfoot lends to its stability and edge hold at speed…” Click for full review and scores.

10. Icelantic Nomad 95


Overall Score: 8.35

“The Nomad 95 is a top offering for the skier seeking an everyday, all-mountain toy. We say ‘toy’ rather than ‘tool’ on purpose. This ski caters to the frontside enthusiast who has an eye for every roller, bump and transition in sight…” Click for full review and scores.

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