The top 20 park skis of 2017

The top 20 park skis of 2017

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The test squadron hard at work in the park, shot by Eric Seo

It’s 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday and it snowed 12 inches overnight. The lift line to the peak is teeming with hungry powder hounds, but you’re not among them. You’ve made your way straight to the terrain park where you’re assisting the ski area staff in their mission to clear the snow away from the takeoffs and landings of each jump and jib in the lineup. A short while later, you’re spinning, bonking, pressing, flipping and greasing to your heart’s delight. We see you, park rats, and we have what you need: the best jib sticks of the year featured in our 2017 Buyer’s Guide— each pair tested, ranked and reviewed—below.

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1. Faction Candide 1.0


Overall Score: 9.56

“These boards won’t automatically jet you over a heli’s whirling rotor blades, as advertised in One of Those Days 3, but they’ll sure hold up if you try. The signature model of none other than Candide Thovex, the Candide 1.0’s poplar and beech wood core provides a stiff but forgiving flex…” Click for full review and scores.

2. Line Tom Wallisch Pro


Overall Score: 9.45

“How many pretzels did Tom Wallisch complete while prototyping this ski? Presumably thousands. Wallisch worked tirelessly to collaborate with Line on a ski that the masses would love, and our test results reflect that…” Click for full review and scores.

3. Fischer Nightstick


Overall Score: 9.37

“If you think stomping triple corks is nothing more than muscle memory, you’re kidding yourself. Just ask Olympic gold medalist Joss Christensen, who counts on the Nightstick to bring him squarely to his feet after going orbital…” Click for full review and scores.

4. Line Honey Badger


Overall Score: 9.35

“From the always-reliable Urban Dictionary: ‘A honey badger is the most fearless animal in the world.’ This fearless park ski sits on the softer side of Line’s many offerings, but its playful nature shouldn’t fool you. It deserves the same respect as its badass namesake…” Click for full review and scores.

5. Armada ARV 89


Overall Score: 9.23

“Top name pros, including Harlaut and Yater-Wallace, flock to Armada in part because of its rich, forward-thinking heritage but also because it produces damn good skis. Falling exactly into that classification is the all-new ARV 86…” Click for full review and scores.

6. Line Chronic


Overall Score: 9.15

“Skiers ranging from entry-level park rippers to the Line Traveling Circus squad have been stoked on the Chronic for years. ‘These perform on every level. They have the width and rocker you want for rails, plus the stability and stiffness to handle the biggest jumps,’ explained one tester…” Click for full review and scores.

7. 4FRNT Vandal


Overall Score: 9.13

“Brand spankin’ new, the Vandal was dressed to impress for its first-ever park test appearance. The ski employs a rockered tip and tail for ultimate playfulness. And despite its buttery capabilities, the Vandal is stiff and durable enough to throw down on any and all features you encounter…” Click for full review and scores.

9. Armada BDog


Overall Score: 9.04

“Anything with Phil Casabon’s, a.k.a B-Dog’s, name on it garners the highest praise from the freeskiing community. No exception, here. This slightly wider, somewhat softer whip is the steeze-oozing Québécois’ pride and joy…” Click for full review and scores.

10. Völkl Revolt


Overall Score: 8.87

“Leaning toward the wider side of our park picks is the Revolt, designed in conjunction with Ahmet Dadali. This do-it-all ski benefits from tip and tail rocker, soft zones carefully placed by the tip and tail specifically for buttering and a stiff core…” Click for full review and scores.

11. Revision Talisman


Overall Score: 8.53

“Intended for use both in the park and the streets, the ski contains a relatively soft and lightweight poplar and bamboo core. That’s backed up by carbon reinforcements throughout its entirety, including additional carbon in the tip and tail to prevent blowouts…” Click for full review and scores.

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