Edibles: How to get down on the ride up, Maude’s playlist and more

Edibles: How to get down on the ride up, Maude’s playlist and more


How to get down on the ride up

An intimate physical encounter on the mountain can only serve to boost your overall skiing experience. The more love, the better, right? This month, we asked dozens of your favorite athletes for pro tips on getting lucky whilst shredding. Here’s what they had to say…

Farthest you’ve gone on a chairlift?

“I’ve gone all the way around on a chairlift.” / Cassie Sharpe

“If you’re ever planning on doing something questionable, try to get on a chair with a bubble like they have here at Whistler Blackcomb. When you put the bubble down you can do pretty much whatever you want under there.” / Justin Dorey

“People are all about high-speed chairlifts these days, but nothing beats an 18-minute two-seater for a good chairlift MO.” / Hadley Hammer

“I peed off a chairlift once. Does that count?” / Banks Gilberti

“A nice firm handshake.” / Nikki Blackall

“The Buttermilk chairlift we ride at X Games every year takes like, 20 minutes. I feel like that’s pretty far.” / Tom Wallisch

“Tower 69?” / Nick McNutt

“Puking off the chairlift onto an under-passing skier. Right onto the goggles. I’m proud to say it was my brother, Callum, doing the puking and me the laughing.” / Sean Pettit

Best make out strategy while wearing goggles and helmet?

“If your goggles and helmets get in the way of making out, just stick your tongues out like snakes!” / Justin Dorey


“Two words: Eskimo kisses.” / Griffin Post

“Just don’t do it. Take your damn goggles and helmet off so you don’t look like Jerrys bumpin’ heads.” / Ahmet Dadali

“Stretch your neck beforehand to prepare for the unnatural angles required. This can be done easily by skiing switch for a run.” / Nick McNutt

“Step one, take off helmet and goggles. Step two, throw your tongue down your partner’s throat.” / Sean Pettit

“The more you tilt your head the easier. Or, go Spiderman style and make out upside down.” / Tom Wallisch

Advice for hooking up in the gondola?

“Skiing at Squaw with Hot Dog as the iconic ski movie, you can’t help but be influenced to re-enact scenes in the very same gondola. I’ll leave it at that.” / Elyse Saugstad


“Don’t get caught with your pants down. Make sure you anticipate if there is a halfway station.” / Angel Collinson

“Show ‘em the #nakedgondy Instagram hashtag and see where things go from there.” / Griffin Post

“Do it when everyone can see you, because that one is for the boys.” / Sean Pettit

“Keep Flavor Blasted Goldfish in your pockets at all times, the ladies love snacks.” / Jonah Williams

“I hooked up with my GF in the gondy at Aspen. The ride was shorter than anticipated. When we got to the bottom, I only had one sock on.” / Matt Margetts

“When planning an exotic, romantic adventure on the slopes, I would recommend using the gondola. Make sure to pick one that is packed with foreign tourists. Once inside, begin to talk dirty very loudly to your partner on the other side of the gondola. Once you have your audience’s attention, aggressively push any tourists out of the way and pounce sexually upon your partner while barking and shrieking like a wild animal. Proceed to cause a scene for the rest of the ride. Then, near the top of the mountain, inform the tourists that this is how North Americans use the gondola.” / Justin Dorey

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