Edibles: How to get down on the ride up, Maude’s playlist and more

Edibles: How to get down on the ride up, Maude’s playlist and more

MIKE HORNBECK presents… The Top 10 Reasons to Ski in the Midwest

Mike Hornbeck is one of the most creative skiers in the game. He’s made his home in Bloomingdale, MI, and thereby spends much of the winter shredding the Midwest; he regularly drops by resorts including Bittersweet and Cannonsburg, and jibs the streets of South Haven, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Hornbeck’s exploits will be highlighted via Armada’s ARtrip web series this fall. Stay tuned to see the man give “Midwest skiing” a whole new meaning.

10. Creativity wins. You must think outside the box to keep things interesting.
9. The people are humble and could care less about the latest and greatest.
8. Mom ‘n pop ski hills still exist. We’ve got to support ‘em.
7. Cheap drinks at the bars offer abundant opportunities for
a great time.
6. You can still find a lift ticket for under $30.
5. There is no “scene.” Just a lot of camo and Carhartt.
4. 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. is a lot of skiing…
3. With less vertical feet, you can ski more laps.
2. You have the hill all to yourself on weekdays until 3:00 p.m.
1. Cities—many have consistent snow, and city skiing
is awesome.

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