Edibles: How to get down on the ride up, Maude’s playlist and more

Edibles: How to get down on the ride up, Maude’s playlist and more

Facebook Q&A

We Asked:

What’s the weirdest chairlift interaction you’ve ever had?

You Answered:

Kay C. // Sitting next to a guy in the gondola who had a large dead salmon on a leash on the Solar Coaster chair at Whistler Blackcomb. Which was slightly less weird than watching him head down the slope with it flopping around behind him.

Andrew W. // Seven of us piled into a gondola at the Skyeship mid-station at Killington. We said hi to the solo guy in the gondola and asked him if it was okay that we smoked some weed. “No, I’m a cop from Jersey.” You have never seen seven people jump out of a gondola so quickly before the doors close.

Scott K. // Got chatting to an older bloke on a T-bar when I was about 17. Turns out he was the obstetrician who delivered me into this world!

Willy T. // Riding up the lift at Big Sky last winter and two college kids asked why I skied with such a gigantic backpack. I opened the top and made visible the tapped keg inside and they almost fell off the chair laughing. It was an epic afternoon!

Peter M. // 35 mono skiers, one lift, no skiers, no boarders.

Thomas K. // A guy on a lift once told me a story about how he got super high on drugs and slept with his cousin—who he said gave the best BJ of his life—before she set their house on fire and he had to run outside naked whilst the fire brigade came.

Johnny E. // Rode up Grayhawk in Sun Valley when I was about 14, talked to a man about horses, guns and fast cars the whole way. When we got off, my dad said, “Did you have a nice conversation with that man?” I said, “Yes.” Dad said, “Good, that was Clint Eastwood.”

Michael J. // When I got a handjob and it was dumping. Best pow day ever.

Gregg W. // I interacted with myself in the gondola at Keystone.

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