Edibles: How to get down on the ride up, Maude’s playlist and more

Edibles: How to get down on the ride up, Maude’s playlist and more

Just the travel tip

Getting from point A to C can sometimes be a royal pain in the B. Luckily, your favorite pro skiers spend nearly the entire winter on the road, or in the air; collectively, these guys n’ gals have centuries of travelin’ know-how stored under their belts. Today, they’re imparting their wisdom upon you. Soak it in.

“Always wear a business suit, carry a briefcase and constantly be on you cell phone talking loudly about stocks and Wall Street. Airline staff will automatically upgrade you to first class on every flight if you do this.” / Justin Dorey

These guys killed it today… Thanks boys!

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“Always travel with your ski boots as carry-on luggage. Over the years this has helped me in jams when flying and my bags didn’t arrive. You can easily borrow most other pieces of gear from your friends, like goggles, and rent skis, but no one is going to have your specific, customized ski boots. Who wants to lose a few days of skiing because of the airlines?” / Elyse Saugstad

“Buy your booze and fill up on fuel in America before crossing over into Canada.” / Chris Logan

“Have gum or mints in your bag. Not only do you not want people smelling your rank fire breath after a 15-hour flight but if you’re traveling with people it’s nice to be able to offer a remedy and save yourself from smelling theirs.” / Gus Kenworthy

“Always pack lighter than you want to. You’re not a chick, you don’t need a clean pair of underwear every day.” / Sean Jordan

“Make friends. Far and away your best resource when traveling are the people you meet and friends you may be going to visit. It’s amazing the places you end up with a little local knowledge. You might not know the best place to park, secret stash on the hill, or cheap restaurant around the corner, but someone like you does and they are usually more than happy to share. Next year, they can come visit you and you can return the favor. Always talk to the stranger on the chairlift.” / Will Wesson

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