What’s In The Bag? See what Gus Kenworthy packed for #AirStyleLA

What’s In The Bag? See what Gus Kenworthy packed for #AirStyleLA

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Gus Kenworthy is almost always on the move. Last week, his travels took him to Pasadena, CA, where on Sunday, February 23rd, he skied his way to the top of the Air + Style podium. Air + Style not only made its first appearance here in the States over the weekend, but skiers were included for the first time in the event’s 20+ year history. 40,000 spectators came out to witness musical performances from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Diplo, Portugal. The Man, Phantogram, Edward Sharpe and Steve Aoki, plus world class skiing and snowboarding as a bonus.

“Air + Style is without a doubt one of the coolest events I’ve ever been to,” Kenworthy tells us. “The athlete hospitality was incredible, the music was insane… It was literally the coolest thing ever just to hang out there. Getting to ski was a bonus. Air + Style is an event I’ve watched for so many years and it’s an honor to have been included.”

So, what was Gus carrying in his bag that day (besides the double cork 1080 tail and a double cork 1440 tail)? We break down his carry-on setup for you, here…

Gus Kenworthy’s Gear:

Louis Vuitton Michael Damier Infini Backpack: “I know it’s ridiculous and lavish, but I’d been traveling for like, five years with the same dirty old backpack that I had when I was in high school, and I just felt like a kid carrying it around all the time. I spend probably half of my life flying around the world so I decided to drop in on something nice that I would have forever.”

Monster Energy: “Normally, I wouldn’t travel with a can of Monster because of the TSA 3 oz liquid maximum, but you happened to catch me when I was feeling beat, and I bought one to keep me from falling asleep during the day before Air + Style practice.”

iPhone 6: “Usually my phone would be in my pocket rather than my backpack but it’s definitely something I always have with me.” [Note: Be sure to follow freeskier_mag on Snapchat.]

Book: “I always have to have a book with me when I’m traveling. If I’m going on a longer trip I’ll have two in my bag just because I know there will be plenty of time spent without cell service or internet access, so a good book is a perfect distraction. My current read is The Art of Racing in the Rain.”

Passport: “An obvious necessity if you’re traveling outside the US.”

Chapstick: “I feel like a chick for this, but these EOS chapsticks are insane.”

Night-Guard: “Unfortunately, I clench my jaw and grind my teeth when I sleep, so I always have my night-guard in my bag in case I need to catch some Z’s during a flight.”

Protection: “As they say, better safe than sorry.”

Pen: “No explanation needed.”

Stickers: “I always travel with a couple stickers in my bag just in case they peel off my skis or whatever.”

GoPro HERO4 Black: I always have my GoPro with me because I know I’m going to want it to film myself and my friends when I’m skiing and I don’t trust putting it in my checked bag. Plus, you never know when you’ll need to grab a high-quality airport selfie with your boys.”

Micro USB: “This thing comes in very handy.”

Nike SB Volition Sunglasses: “I like.”

Laptop: “The 15-inch Macbook Pro is my go-to.”

Note: Kenworthy has made his next move to Park City, UT, where he’s competing in the U.S. Grand Prix finale on 2/27 and 2/28. The full event & broadcast schedule is here.

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