Dishing the Dirt: Sarah Hendrickson tells all regarding Torin Yater-Wallace

Dishing the Dirt: Sarah Hendrickson tells all regarding Torin Yater-Wallace

Twenty-one-year-old Sarah Hendrickson, of Park City, UT, is best known as a world-class ski jumper; she won the first-ever women’s World Cup in 2012, along with U.S. titles in 2011 and 2013, and a World Championship in 2013, too. The elite athlete also happens to be in a relationship with one of freeskiing’s top contenders: Torin Yater-Wallace. How’s that for a power couple? Here, Sarah provides insight into Torin’s personality—from Taylor Swift-singing-antics to his food preferences.

Sarah Hendrickson

Sarah Hendrickson in Park City, UT. Photo by Erik Seo.

The Q&A…

[Lambo] What is something he does that you wish he wouldn’t?
[Sarah] He bites Parmesan cheese right off the block.

What is one strange, unique talent he has?
Amazing accents. Keeps me laughing for days.

What could he spend hours upon hours doing?
Cleaning and messing with his truck.

What’s his favorite type of sandwich?
Chicken, bacon, avocado on Ciabatta bread. He is literally the pickiest eater. There’s about six meals that he sticks to and doesn’t mess with.

If he was collecting anything, what would it be?
Coffee mugs.

The cutest thing Torin has done for you?
Dealt with my tears.

How did he ask you out, the very first time?
In Russia [during the Sochi Games] my other teammates left early, but I decided to stay for Closing Ceremonies. I was quickly absorbed into the men’s halfpipe team when Torin asked me to join them for pizza.

What was your first impression of him?
My sports agent [also Torin’s agent] saying, “Hey, you should hang out with Torin more, he’s a cool dude!” I was not single at the time.

Do you remember the first thing you said to one another?
He texted me after I hurt my knee, before the Olympics, sending his condolences.

His favorite celebrity?
Emma Watson. Don’t get me started.

What is your favorite way to spend time together?
Skiing, cooking food and watching Netflix.

Do you have a nickname for him?
Mr. Man, Tor, T.

If he was a fictional character, who would he be?
A Minion [from Despicable Me]. We saw the new movie together and laughed the whole time. He does the voices so well.

The most embarrassing thing you’ve ever seen him do?
Snap his pole in half after an event. The first event I ever watched.

Something he made you do to step outside of your comfort zone?
Ski near or around the terrain park. No thank you.

Have you ever caught him lying to you? Did you punish him?
I bought him Emergen-C to take on a trip to prevent him from getting sick. Pretty sure they are still in the box but he told me he took them. Hmm.

His best physical feature?
Everything? His eyes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.45.53 AM

Torin poses after taking 1st in halfpipe, 2015 AFP World Champs at Whistler Blackcomb.

What’s the most embarrassing song he sings to in the car?
22 by T. Swift.

What’s the best gift he ever gave you?
A small blue box with a white bow. [Tiffany & Co. necklace.]

Does he believe he could beat you in a ski jumping contest?
I would beat him for two days. Then he would win. He is so freakin’ talented.

Have you ever seen him read a book? Which?
Actually I wanted to see the third Hunger Games movie with him but he refused because he wanted to finish the books. That has yet to happen. I’m still bitter about it.

What’s his most annoying habit?
Saying, “I don’t know” and “I’ll figure it out.”

Has he ever said anything strange in his sleep?
We sleep together?!

What is he most afraid of?
Sautéed spinach, mushrooms… vegetables.

What’s his favorite TV show?
CSI. Literally obsessed. I fall asleep and he will watch three more episodes in a night.

If he was stranded on a desert island, what three items would he need to have with him?
Me, sparkling water and coffee essentials.

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