Ask a Pro: Ian Compton answers 21 of your best questions

Ask a Pro: Ian Compton answers 21 of your best questions

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In late November, we asked our fans to submit their best questions to East Coast celebrity Ian Compton. After collecting 21 top-notch questions from you, the FREESKIER audience, we sent ’em off to the Road Trip Challenge star, who had this to say:

Compton’s A’s to your Q’s:

Bailey King: Have you considered starting a Vermont commune on your property for other like-minded East Coasters? I think a lot could be done.

The thought has crossed my mind, for sure. Ideally, I’d have close friends helping me with a few acres of veggies. Maybe one day I’ll have a few tipis for homies to come crash and lend a hand.

Charlie Darbyshire: How many pizzas do you eat a week?

Some weeks are worse than others. Maybe I’ll do it six times a week if it’s cold, but maybe only one if I need a break.

Graham Weis: So I’m a pretty good skier and am always looking for ways that I can improve on my local hill. So, I decided to get into freestyle this year. Should I get a coach to start off, or try to start figuring freestyle out on my own at first? Either way I would love to get into freestyle and I pick up on things pretty quick. So what do you think?

I was lucky enough to have some of the best humans teach me the fundamentals. Brian Knowles and Mike Decker, if you see this, I owe you for teaching me everything. When you get someone you can look up to who has the patience to teach you how to use your skis, then anything is possible. It’s easy to get side tracked being on your own with all the crazy style trends. Sometimes you need someone to look at you and say, “what the hell are you doing?”

Kavu Ford Pitts: In the beginning how did you get sponsored by Line and then Nordica? How did your skiing career start out?

I played hockey for 14 years. The school I went to had a little ski hill with a double chair. I went up it and caught some air one day then forgot about everything else in life from then on and focused it all on skiing.

Shane Mcfalls, the filmer for Line Traveling Circus, came to Mount Snow for a year to work and film. We met up the first day of the season and from there spent a lot of time filming and going on ski adventures. He’s the one that really introduced me into what the “ski industry” was. From there, I hung out with his weird friends Andy [Parry] and Will [Wesson] and started making cameos in the first episodes. Then once I got stuck in a tree it pretty much solidified my spot on the Line team.

The Nordica switch is something kids need to cool out about. Skiing is quite young still so change can really rattle things up. One of my best friends, Evan Williams, is my boss which makes communication quite enjoyable. He knows what I am up to and the whole team is really turning into a family. The switch was a very positive experience that started a new chapter in my weird ski career.

Bennett Allen: What’s the story behind the yurt you just built? What drives you to live the lifestyle you do? Rich Gang or Yung Lean?

The yurt is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. It’s a simple movable structure without any corners inside. It’s quite spiritual in there on a snowy day. The plan is to build one more platform up north so I can move it in the spring or summer with my van. My lifestyle is something I want to create around Mother Nature and the changing of the seasons. I want to live off what I create, grow and be as self-sufficient as possible while surrounding myself with good people.

Who the hell is Rich Gang or Yung Lean? Someone once called me Yung Lean because of my crooked back.

Ian Bowyer: Would you rather have a popcorn kernel stuck in the back of your throat, or have perpetual Cheetos fingers for the rest of your life?

Cheetos fingers, of course.

Tommy Moran: Will you ever consider making The Weak like your old edits one time for shits and giggles? Throwback Tuesday: Ian Compton.

Like wearing big clothes and listening to rap music? Then yes, Evan and I joke about making a thug Ian edit again. Watch out for it.


Ryan Grubish: How good is Vermont cheese?

Literally the best in the world. Look it up, the blue cheese from my town won best in the world… Barley Haven Blue.

Tyler Curle: What has made you decide to stay in the East when it’s pretty common for skiers to move out to the West?

West was cool but to live in a place where it doesn’t rain and there are millions of people just ain’t for me. I like trees and healthy cows too much to leave. Plus, skiing here is something so much more than what skiing has become.

Jefferson Guest: If you could be anything other than a pro skier, what would it be?

A falconer.

Jack Feick: Why aren’t you on the Traveling Circus crew anymore?

Because I built a yurt in Vermont. Sometimes I blame my chickens.

Joshua King: You ever go to Strolling of the Heifers? Shit’s dope.

Oh yeah, but not since the population in Brattleboro reached 14,000.

Branden Harding: What’s your favorite beer to pair with good pizza?

Hill Farmstead’s Edward with a slice from Positive Pie.

Ryan Mathis: How cold is it in the yurt? Nitro laps?

If you space out and don’t feed the fire it can get pretty cold. And yes, duh.

Joel Laing: Do you ride for Jesus?

We are all our own personal Jesus.

Nick Kondek: Do you believe in Big Foot?


Austin E. Garrett III: Do u lyk3 living 0ff the3 gr!d?

Not fully there yet, one day I will be. And I am sure I’ll say it sucks sometimes.

Gavi Lightsey: How huge is your hog?

He was a big pig. Now he’s in my deep freezer.

Laurent Corriveau: Will you do the next Road Trip Challenge?

You’re God damn right.

Steinar Omdal: How much weed do you smoke?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

Thacher Stone: Can we go skiing together?

Find me, bring a slice of pizza and you’ve got it.

Up next in FREESKIER’s Ask a Pro series, Chris Logan. Submit your questions for “Dahrkness” here.

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