Ask a Pro: Mike Hornbeck answers your finest inquiries

Ask a Pro: Mike Hornbeck answers your finest inquiries

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Mike Hornbeck’s always been one of the hardest working men in freeskiing. Stacking banger shots and film clips while remaining under the radar. Earlier this year, we asked you, our loyal fans, to submit your most fascinating questions for the Michigan native. After a trip to Japan, Hornbeck has gotten to answering your questions, listed below.

Hornbeck’s A’s to your Q’s:

Michael John: Where is your favorite location to shoot urban? Also, what’s the sketchiest rail you’ve encountered while shooting?

I like shooting in Michigan the most. I have my truck here with everything I need in it. Sometimes traveling overseas to shoot urban is a struggle. It’s real nice to know where you’re going and have all the tools you need. Every rail has some sort of sketchy thing going on. I usually don’t hit them if they are “kill yourself type rails.” I try and make it through and ski everyday.

Adam Erdmann: How many pairs of Armada skis do you have/get each year? What happens with the last year’s models?

I get a couple of pow skis and usually about three park skis, more if I need them. But usually two park skis last all season. I just mount a pair and ride them until they don’t work. Sometimes they become a street only ski near the end of their life. The last pair from every year I ski in the street at the beginning of the next year. It’s a good cycle.

Chris Blake: Where are you headed next in the ski world?

Just going to be skiing in Michigan for a month and then I am heading to Sweden at the end of April. Kim Boberg is putting on a park shoot. So, I am going there to film some park stuff for a seggy.

Branden Harding: What trick have you always liked but never been able to do?

Switch dub 9.

Trey DeVries: What’s it like coming back to Bittersweet after doing what you have done with Level 1 and your professional career?

Coming back to Michigan is the best move I have ever made in my career. I have always wanted to live back in the Midwest and ski how I like to ski. The ski “industry” is pretty much in one region of the US. Everyone does the same thing and moves to the same place. There are a bunch of loud talking people everywhere, filming each others eyeballs. It’s been real nice to be back in Michigan and be away from it all and have skiing be what it was while I was growing up.

Bittersweet is going off, Cannonsburg is sick. This season was the most fun I have had. Living out west is nice for the mountains but when you ski urban most of the year, it doesn’t make any sense to live out there. It is nice to be at home, ski everyday and film in the cities. I have been going on “trips” to film for a decade. It costs money to chase the snow and can result in not wanting to go on trips because you want to stay in one place for a little bit. I am more than stoked to be back reppin’ Michigan.

Sam Winship: You have quite the original style, where do you draw your inspiration from, and what new tricks are you stoked on right now?

Yeah, Sam! How have you been dude? I have been keeping an eye on your videos and you’ve been killin’ it.

I don’t really think about style. When I was first getting into skiing I would try and emulate my friends. That led to listening to good music and having a crew. Then you just start pushing each other and something happens. I feel like if your style doesn’t ever change you need to get inspired again.

Stephen S-ice: Do you know where Ian Compton is!? why did he leave Line?

Ian Compton is one of the most on point skiers I know. He is doing his thing. Maybe he liked Nordica’s graphics more?

Robert Talley: How did your nickname “The Horny Hornbeck” come about?

From perverts like you! You gotta come up with something better then that, that’s second grade.

Donny O’Neill: What led to your recent signing with Shred/Slytech?

I started wearing a helmet last year and started seeing more Shred helmets around. I thought they looked OK, so I wanted to try and get one. One thing led to another and bam! I got hooked up for goggles, helmets and Slytech gear.

Alexandre Dussault: Do you do double?

I do double shots.

Maximilian Buske: Do you think we will ever see a quadruple cork?

Yeah, Frank Bare did it back in the day, not corked but flipped; which in my mind is way gnarlier.

Watch: Frank Bare with the quadruple flip.

Gabriel Kirchebner: How did you get your sponsors? Did you ask them or did they ask you?

I have never been hit up out of the blue and given sponsorship. I started first by making promo videos and sending them in. Now I guess I still am doing the same thing. Making videos and trying to survive.

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