Shred Optics and Slytech Protection: Two Innovative Brands, One Solid Company

Shred Optics and Slytech Protection: Two Innovative Brands, One Solid Company

It was 2007 when Shred Optics and Slytech Protection were born, and while the brands, and products they make, work seamlessly with one another, they are distinctly different. Shred’s goggle, helmet, and sunglass collection blends high-level technology with the core style exuded by today’s freeskiing culture. Slytech, on the other hand, seamlessly integrates dynamic comfort with innovative protection technology to produce some of the most comfortable and effective safety equipment on the market without having to sacrifice one for the other.

New this year from Shred is the Smartefy goggle, featuring a dual spherical lens that sports an internal NODISTORTION valve, used to equalize pressure disparities caused by elevation changes. the goggle has a universal-fit frame for a wide field of vision and includes Shred’s NO BS Lens replacement technology, for quick and easy lens changes without compromising fit or function.

“Shred has a loud irreverence about it that really embodies our commitment to taking style and technology to a whole new level,” explains Federico Merle, CFO and CMO. “From the beginning, we’ve believed that you can have the best technology in your gear and couple that with great style, without cutting corners.”

Austin Torvinen sliding fire rail

Austin Torvinen through the flames. Photo by Marcus Caston

On the protective front, Slytech recently developed the proprietary SLYTECH 2ND SKIN XT, a polyurethane foam constructed of polygonal cells—in layman’s terms, a material that adapts to different impacts and conforms to the body to provide protection without constricting movement. Utilized in the Backpro XT Lite back protector and NoBound line of packs, the SLYTECH 2ND SKIN XT is intended for everyday defense from high and low impact crashes.

“[As the sport evolves], speeds get higher, kickers boost you farther, rails get more technical and there’s always a hairier backcountry line,” co-founder Carlo Salmini elaborates. “[Slytech] wants to give riders as many days on the hill as possible, while providing for free and dynamic movement all the while.”

As an integral part of developing products like these, both brands count on a talented pool of athletes for feedback. “We ask our athletes to conceptualize, test and improve our products way before they ever hit stores, not just rep the gear,”explains Salmini. “It’s quite common to find our athletes at the office with ideas and proposals and always an excitement about the outcome of their concepts.”

Earlier this year, the company signed the eccentric and always creative real Skifi crew of Finland. the group, which has produced a collection of wildly popular web edits in recent years, is committed to pushing the boundaries of freeskiing—something Shred and Slytech can stand by. “The real Skifi crew completely embodies what Shred and Slytech are all about,” says Merle. “What they are doing is so fresh that a lot of it has never been seen on skis before. It’s nuts.”

Duncan Adams Slytech Protection

Duncan Adams trusts Slytech for protection. Photo by Marcus Caston

Moving forward, the continued success of each brand will hinge on the constant innovation brought on by the collaboration between the athlete team and MIT-trained engineers that the company has on staff. “There’s no one better suited to spur progression than the riders on our team,” he says. “They can sense the demand for a product or a product tweak before any businessman or engineer can.”

The continued athlete input coupled with constant design innovation means the brand can continue to “focus on real and tangible improvements to product innovation not contrived marketing tricks,” as Salmini puts it. “We put our hearts and souls out there to come up with the best products for our consumers, and ourselves, to wear.”

Shred Slam-Cap Slash & Shred Smartefy Popsicle

Shred Slam Cap Slash helmet

“The in-molded Shred Slam-Cap ski helmet utilizes Slytech NOSHOCK, an injected honeycomb structure within its EPS foam liner, to improve the dispersion of high-energy impacts to the…” Click for full review.

Shred Belu$hki Shnerdwood

Shred Belushki Shnerdwood sunglasses

“Straight style meets the demands of your active lifestyle, and is equally appropriate for the beach, the snow, or the ride—the Shred Belushki Shnerdwood sunglasses are…” Click for full review.

Slytech Backpro XT Lite


“he Slytech Backpro XT Lite is Slytech’s traditional back protector and is far from standard and exceeds the highest European Standards (EN 1621-2: Level 2); with an…” Click for full review.

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