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Pro skier cribs: Take a tour of Sean Pettit’s “Palace”

Pro skier cribs: Take a tour of Sean Pettit’s “Palace”

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FREESKIER’s Senior Photographer Bryn Hughes recently ventured to backcountry badass Sean Pettit’s crib to get the lay of the land. Located a mere mile away from the local helicopter pad, Pettit’s place is freaking sweet. From hot tubs full of dudes, to champagne sabring and naked ladies galore, the walls inside of the Pettit Palace have seen it all. Sean P opened up his doors to Hughes to snap a few shots to share with all of the freeskiing fans out there. Get the scoop on the Pettit Palace, upcoming Super Proof projects and more in the Q&A below.

The Q&A…

BH: When did you move into the pad aka “The Pettit Palace?”

SP: I bought the house almost three years ago. I had been looking around Whistler for nearly a year before I found this beauty. When I saw it, I knew that it was going to feel like home, mostly due to the fact that it’s the closest house in Whistler to the helicopter port.

You’ve hosted your fair share of wild shindigs. Touch on that?

Well, I bought a bottle of champagne and had a party to break the place in on May 25, 2012. But, speaking of parties, we had a New Year’s party at the house a few years ago and shit got real. It was the most people that the house had ever held since its thin walls went up. I personally thought that the New Year’s party was big enough to last the house the rest of its lifetime, but sure enough, it wasn’t. I decided to have another one this past New Year’s Eve. I’d planned on more of a “mellow” one, just a few friends.

Of course, since I said it was going to be a mellow party, it escalated to a complete rager, ten times the size of the previous party. There were bottles of champagne shaken and sabred inside of the house. I made a bunch of food, more of it ended up on the walls and ceiling than in anyone’s mouth. [Matt] Margetts had the brilliant idea of shooting off fireworks inside of the house. Aside from all of the carnage, there were more females there than at any bar you could have gone to in Whistler in the past decade. And sure enough, the house is still standing strong.

You’ve done some work to the property since you bought it. Noah Bowman currently lives with you, correct?

Yeah, I bought the house knowing that it was possible to build a garage on the property. I figured, everyone needs a garage, so I built one, plus 1,100 square feet of additional living space, where Noah Bowman currently resides his lanky figure. My brother Callum and my buddy Jody are also full-time residents at the Pettit Palace.

Let’s talk Super Proof. I know you’re currently filming for your newest project, The Masquerade.

The Masquerade! Yeah, the latest thing to come from Super Proof is the teaser of this new film we’ve been cookin’ up. We wanted to get something out really early to get people talking about the project we are taking on this winter. We started filming the story board in December, while snow conditions were not favoring skiing all that much. It was nice to get a large chunk of the movie done before the season had even started. So the hard part is done. Now all we have to do is ski and we have ourselves a movie [laughs].

Will this year’s film feature most of the same cast as its predecessor The Recruitment?

This year’s film will feature Richard Permin, Mark Abma, Joe Schuster, Callum Pettit, Noah Bowman, Torin Yater-Wallace and myself.

Any other projects in the works?

Along with The Masquerade, Super Proof is also taking on a street-based ski film starring none other than Super Proof athletes Max Hill and Corey Vanular, as well as Ian Compton and Cole Drexler. The boys are making the grittiest ski film ever made. Seriously, you’re going to be shocked. On top of that project, we are also filming with Mike Henitiuk and Matt Margetts to produce each of them full video parts.


We could talk for days about this, but what is it like trying to balance your ski career while directing films?

It’s a lot to take on for me as I balance my ski career, while trying to manage my life as a part-time producer. There’s a long list of things that I have learned in my first year of doing this and I will continue to learn as time comes. Organization is something that you need to have dialed and we haven’t perfected it yet, but Super Proof is improving day-by-day. Out of the many things I have learned, one of the most important aspects to me is surrounding myself with motivated people who are truly a part of the projects because they want to be doing it, not because it stands as a job. That aspect will definitely make year two a success.

Final thoughts?

Cheers to many more naked hot tubs as the Pettit Palace continues to stand strong.

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