Enjoy 7 essential travel tips from your favorite pro skiers

Enjoy 7 essential travel tips from your favorite pro skiers

Between lugging heavy ski bags, dealing with language barriers and cramming into airplane seats, traveling can be a real pain in the ass. But to ski, we must move—this is something pro skiers know well. Whether stacking frequent flier miles or giving the car’s odometer a solid workout, today’s top skiers have come up with a number of ways to cope. To help you become equally savvy, we’ve tapped a few of your favorite shredders to share some of the knowledge they’ve acquired.

Alex Ferreira says, “Never forget condoms, especially outside the country.”

McRae Williams says, “If your ski bag is overweight, take out your ski boots, get your tags, and as you’re taking it to the special items bag drop, shove them back in the bag and you’re off. Back pain free!”

Ian Compton says, “This is not for plane travelers. I am a van man. The most important item is a pee bottle. Don’t be a rookie, and always keep an empty water bottle for those emergencies. Ladies, look into wider Tupperware?”

Alex Schlopy says, “Gold Bond powder is your friend on long flights, as nobody wants a nutty, cheesy surprise!”

Aaron Blunck says, “If you have a long layover find a cute girl and go spit some game!”

Tanner Rainville says, “Always bring twice as much beer as you think you will need.”

Vincent Gagnier says, “Bring a book; your computer and phone will run out of battery at some point, and you’ll feel smarter than the guy sitting next to you.”

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