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Five takeaways from Tanner Hall’s interview with High Times

Skiing icon Tanner Hall recently took part in an interview with the marijuana-focused media outlet, High Times. Hall, now thirty-two years old, has been at the forefront of the shred world for nearly twenty years. Throughout his career, the “Ski Boss” has become one of the most distinguished freeskiers in history, nabbing multiple X Games gold medals, on top of producing numerous groundbreaking film segments. It’s safe to say that Hall has without-a-doubt secured his name in the epic saga that is freeskiing.

On the flip side, Hall’s persona has always been a rebellious one. We’ve heard the tales of Tanner and co. raising hell as they scoured the globe, boosting the sport of skiing and raising a few epic bar tabs. His interview with High Times comes as no surprise to many. The dreadlocks, his love for reggae music, the c-crew (chronic-crew). I mean come on, his Instagram name is TannerHall420. It’s no secret that Tanner tokes the reefer.

However, as far as we’re concerned, the interview with High Times is a first for T-Hall. So, we thought that it was necessary to point out a few key details from the Times’ sit down with one of skiing’s finest. Check ’em out below.

1. Tanner is suddenly missing teeth? You don’t have to look hard to see that Tanner has a big old gap on the lower deck of his pearly whites. It’s likely that this is a result of a skiing incident, as Tanner spends most of his days claiming ridiculous backcountry lines. He likely sent a pillow line a little too deep and dinged his chompers off of his knees. #Ouch

2. He’s been smoking since age 9 (or 10). This came as a bit of a shocker to me. I mean, when I was nine years old, I was picking my nose, eating too many Dunk-a-Roos and trying not to put my ski boots on the wrong feet. Meanwhile, Tanner was sparking it up and on his way to freeskiing glory.

3. The Ski Boss weed strain. Tanner seems pretty set on the idea of a Ski Boss strain of marijuana. He already knows what he would like it to include—some type of “girl scout cookie” and (correct me if I’m wrong) “af-goo?” Regardless, “a little cross pollination,” according to the man himself.

4. Pain pills are not cool. Hall subtly touches on how he struggled with pain pills after one of the many major injuries he has withstood. First off, we are happy to know that he overcame the momentary lapse, and secondly, pain pills are not cool. Also note: He’s hopped off the booze train, too.

5. “I started going to the gym and smoking marijuana.” Not sure if this means going to the gym just after smoking marijuana; going to the gym to smoke marijuana; smoking marijuana while going to the gym; or going to the gym, as well as smoking marijuana. Either way, I can’t imagine working out in the clouds is that productive.

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