Q&A: Tanner Hall shares meaning behind name of new film, “Ring The Alarm”

Q&A: Tanner Hall shares meaning behind name of new film, “Ring The Alarm”

For the past few months, the ever enthusiastic Tanner Hall has been teasing the skiing world with the occasional mention of his ongoing film project. Photographs and snippets of footage released via Instagram and Facebook—captured in locales including Alaska and British Columbia—have made it quite clear that the Ski Boss has been bagging mouth-watering lines on the reg’, and fans have been eager to discover how/when Hall plans to unveil the fruits of his labor. This week, Hall has answered: Together, he and Inspired Media will release Ring The Alarm in the fall of 2016.

For insight into the project, we touched base with Hall himself, who’s currently chasing waves in Nicaragua. He dished thoughts on the winter gone by and the season ahead, and he also shares with us the meaning behind the name of his new film.

Spines are a new obsession. @oakleyskiing #liveyours #teamoakley

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Q&A with Tanner Hall:

You spent a good chunk of the winter ripping in Haines, AK. Tell us about some of your best days out there.

Every day that was spent on the hill, under the sun in Haines was something out of a dream. One specific time I remember was being there with Ian and Neil Provo for their first-ever runs out of a heli, and shit was intense, but we all got shots and made it back home safely. To be able to share that moment with a couple of my best friends was something else.

What’s better: A burly pillow line, or a lengthy spine line?

I would have to say spine lines now. They are both a great way to get down a mountain, but there’s something about spines… I cant wait to ride them more and learn more about skiing them.

Another world. Photo by @willwiss #spines #ak

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Has there been a point in the past year of filming where you felt completely outside of your comfort zone?

Yes, one-hundred-percent. I was most out of my comfort zone for the camping part of the trip up to Alaska. The plan was to camp and hike some lines, but a 10-day storm had other plans for us, and I soon found myself stressed for my life and not even thinking about skiing. That was a really scary feeling to have, deep in a blizzard, high up on a glacier where no one can get to you unless the storm breaks.

Who else can we expect to see ripping in the film?

Definitely be on the lookout for Ian and Neil, they really stepped up their game and you will see what I mean when [Ring The Alarm] drops. Sam Cohen, as well; he’s a young buck living in Utah who is on a serious level in big terrain. It’s nice to have some fresh blood for the film. [John] Spriggs, too! We will also throw in a couple shots of random friends that we link with along the way.

Who are some of your favorite partners in the backcountry?

My favorite partners in the BC would have to be Ian and Neil, but I always have CR [Johnson] by my side… every day still. JP [Auclair], as well. And John Spriggs is one of the best to ever do it; I trust him to the max out in the mountains.

You’ve got another full season of filming ahead of you. Any specific trips in the works?

We have some really cool ideas we are working on, and I’ve got a good BC trip in the works, as it didn’t snow at all when we went last year… it was the first time I ever got skunked up there, so it’s going to be good to get back and make the most banger pillow/feature segment we can possibly make. Other than that, another six weeks in Haines to finish this [film] up right.

How is the off-season treating you? Are you doing any strengthening to get into shape for the season ahead? Ripping AK spines ain’t exactly easy on the legs.

Off-season has been great. I’ve been on my mountain bike a bunch and hiking up to the top of Squaw Valley with my girl. Paddleboarding a shit-ton, too, and just enjoying life. I’m hitting the gym a couple days a week, but just really getting out there and getting strong through having fun instead of just lifting weights and being in a gym all the time. I’m surfing now… heading home one week from today, and when I get back I’m going to be ready to lift heavy things with my legs for a month or so, then it’s shred time!

Tell me quickly about some of the essential gear you rely on when shredding in the most remote locales.

Essentials for me when I’m in remote places are my iPod and a speaker, my medicine, beacon, shovel, probe, pack, and of course, water and just recently, a little piece of climbing rope [with which I] practice tying knots when shit gets a little boring.

Which ski films are you most looking forward to seeing this fall?

I’m really hyped to see Kye [Petersen]’s movie In Search, and it will also be rad to see Sammy [Carlson]’s new film, The Sammy C Project. And I’m definitely ready to see JF Houle’s new film, Houligan. All of those should be bangers!

The trailer for your film will be premiering this fall via the Inspired Tour. Are you planning on attending many of the stops?

Yes, I will be on the tour. My starting stop is Bozeman, Montana and will go all the way through Boulder, Colorado.

And lastly, tell us about the inspiration behind the name, Ring The Alarm.

Skiing to me is in turmoil, and we as film skiers need to come together and bring back a culture that was once built, but then lost in translation somewhere. It’s time to Ring the Alarm and come together for the people who dedicate themselves to this lifestyle we call skiing!

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