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Burrrlapz is BUMPIN’ in its first-half season recap, “Checker Head”

Fernie fans, rejoice! The Canadian hot doggers known as The Burrrlapz (that’s three R’s and a Z—and don’t you forget it!) are back in action supplying the freshest content this side of the Chesapeake Bay. Grab some Tim Bits and a Double Double, turn off the Canucks game and pay attention, because Dylan Siggers, Kevin Frank, Dave Keenan and Josh Lloyd are here to display their usual regiment of drool-worthy pillow zones, booters to the moon and more switch landings then conceivably possible. Easily one of the most stylistic groups out there, the big Burrr crew is continuously integrating park and powder, bringing new creativity to the backcountry and beyond. It’s always a pleasure to be able to view the antics that they have been up to, and “Checker Head” is no exception. Supported by Line Skis, with vibes reminiscent of the Traveling Circus, this is sure to give you new inspiration and bring a big smile to your Tim Horton’s stuffed mouth.

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