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Don’t Even Trip Dawg, Dylan Siggers 2020 Season Edit is Here

I have yet to lay eyes on any project featuring Dylan Siggers that did not make my jaw hit the floor. Filled with nothing but good friends having a blast on the sticks, this edit will not disappoint. Let’s be honest, did you expect anything less from one of skiings’ multi-faceted mad men? Besides, featuring one of the best titles of almost any edit I have ever seen, “Cronenberg Morty” displays easily some of the most talented, rule breaking, mind-bending skiing in the game and provides a nod to the ever-humorous cartoon, Rick and Morty. Dylan Siggers is the Swiss army knife of the ski world. As seen here, the man looks as comfortable on the streets of Japan hitting rails as he does in the high alpine of Fernie, British Columbia. Without a doubt, his loose but tight style of skiing will influence countless up-and-comers to treat the entire mountain as if it were one big playground.

Dylan has been a staple of the ever-rowdy Burrrlapz crew, and that is evident in their endlessly entertaining amass of videos. The cinematography in these projects is top of the line and will, without a doubt, make you marvel at the little details and decisions put into the shots. The filming in this 2020 season recap, done by the likes of The Traveling Circus’s Jake Strassman, Burrrlapz’s Josh McSckimming and several other extremely talented camera folks presents an immersive and joyful feel throughout the movie. This short-movie presentation was also edited by the featured rider himself, which proves all the more that Dylan is a man of many talents.

As is said in the video description, 2020 was a season with many obstacles and, obviously, it was cut short. Losing most of March, all of April, May, and June (the favorite months of slushy recklessness), Dylan and his crew still managed to produce a roller coaster bombshell of an edit. As one of the most entertaining skiers to watch, I hope that Dylpickle is pumping out flicks for years to come. Even if the videos stop, it gives me great comfort to know that skiers like Dylan, are out there progressing the sport for the better. But that’s enough yappin’—click the link and watch the Fernie snow hound go to town.



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