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Video plus Q&A: Tom Wallisch returns to Park City before ACL surgery

For the majority of this season, Tom Wallisch was deeply entrenched in the Olympic qualifying campaign, all while competing on an injured knee. Despite not making the United States Olympic team, Wallisch was able to return home following the competition schedule, to grab some banger shots with 4bi9 media at his home mountain, Park City Mountain Resort. Watch the edit and see why “Wally” is still one of the best in the game, even if he’s not at 100%. Wallisch was also kind enough to provide some words regarding his injury, below:


When did you have the surgery and what exactly did you have done?

TW: I had surgery on February 27th. Just a basic ACL reconstruction using a graft from my hamstring.

What were the factors in deciding to have it done when you did?

TW: I was waiting all season with the hope of still being able to compete in most of the events. Then I spent a few weeks taking it easy and enjoying being mobile before going in to have surgery. I got to go on vacation and spend a week or two skiing in Park City with all my friends.

How did the surgery go?

TW: The surgery went great. Somehow I managed to avoid damaging anything else in my knee over the course of the whole season. I was fortunate enough to just need the ACL done without any other ligament or meniscus damage.

How has the recovery process been so far for you and what kind of rehab are you doing?

TW: The recovery process has been good so far. With the strength and mobility I had going into the surgery I’m already moving around great and ahead of [schedule]. I’m spending a good bit of time working with the physical therapists at the U.S. Ski Team Center of Excellence. It isn’t very fun stuff so far, but good to be recovering.

How are you spending your time these days?

TW: I’ve been watching lots of movies, playing some video games, and working on planning lots of things for next season. I’ve got a ton of ideas for new film projects and events that I would love to see go down next year.

When are you hoping to get back on snow?

TW: I’m hoping to be back on snow in September or October. As long as everything goes well I should be cleared to ski by September and would love to get back down to Australia or New Zealand and enjoy some of their ski season.

What’s your plan for next season? And beyond next season?

TW: I’m hoping to come back strong from this injury and spend a lot of next season working on some new and exciting film projects. I’m planning on competing in most major slopestyle events as well. I’m just going to work back into it all slowly and wait until I can compete at 100 percent. I can’t wait to be out on the slopes again with a fully healthy knee. It’s been a really frustrating year for me skiing very cautiously and not being able to push the limits. I’m really just looking forward to feeling healthy again and being able to go all out; it’s gonna be a fun one next year!

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