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Turn up the tunes, Eppern and The Dudes are ‘Still Dancing’ in their latest film

As is no secret to anyone these days, the Scandinavian ski scene has been relentlessly cranking out some of the most innovative and down right joyful ski content in recent years. From The Bunch to the Keesh Crew, there’s an abundance of communal skiing pouring out of the North. Possibly the best part is all the overlap between skiers and filmers alike. While pride in ones group can be a great feeling, it can also lead to less creation and positivity. With this intermingling of talent, it’s no wonder they seem so happy, and just keep on getting better. Eppern and the good fellas in “Still Dancing” are a prime example of what beautiful collaboration looks like.

From b-mack to Krypto man Moberg, Emil Larsen to Magnus Barbo, the 11 skiers featured here each have a different approach to how they view the features and mountains laid before them. While they are all clearly influenced by eachother, they retain unique views and styles, making these projects that much more entertaining. Last year, they released “Legal Dancing“, which to this day remains one of our favorite ski flicks ever. The originality and creativity they put on display will make you itch to rally the troops and dance your heart out, with or without skis on your feet. But while you’re at home waiting for the snow to fall, might as well blast the volume and get groovy with some of the best there is. Enjoy the latest offering from the talented mind of Eppern and The Dudes.

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