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Dancing with Eppern And The Dudes

I find it hard to say whether a ski movie is good or bad. After all, each one is a work of art and completely subjective to the viewer. But, I can tell you with confidence, this was one of the best ski flicks I’ve ever seen. Eppern—and don’t forget the dudes, too!—have cooked up an absolute classic in “Legal Dancing.” The impeccable energy they put off is contagious and I found myself getting amped up not only from watching the insane riding, but from the reactions in the video as well. This group of homies seems to be having the most fun on skis they possibly can—what more could you ask for?

From metal to powder, the guys were sliding everything in sight with style and ease. Krypto man Erik Moberg, incognito b-mack, Emil Larsen and friends perfectly showcase their original styles in unison turning any feature or hill into their personal playground. And, while I’m not totally sure exactly where this was all shot, the Scandinavian landscapes are something out of a dream. If anything, this film is proof that you don’t need a $5,000 camera to be make a beautiful project come to life.

Honestly, I could not stop smiling throughout this 30-minute joy ride. To see these good friends come together in the face of the pandemic obstacles and pursue what they love is mind-melting—shoutout to skiing and snow riding for giving people light in dark times. This video is nothing but light, so if you’re feeling down or uncertain, I have no doubt that this will lift your spirits and, hopefully, inspire you to hit the hills with your friends, physically distanced but socially together, as said by The Dudes. If you’re itching for good times but the dancing halls are closed, just head for the hills and press play.

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