This guy saw more pillows than the tooth fairy in B.C. last season

Imagine the pow day of your dreams. Now imagine waking up and living that dream all winter long, right from the back of your truck.

That’s what Chappy Geer’s 2015-16 season was like, living out of his “666 Land Yacht” and shredding the British Columbia backcountry day after day. He kicked some serious ass out there and captured dreamy footage the whole time that’ll get you stoked for this season.

Honorable mention: The bald eagle at 1:10, just hanging out and not giving AF that it’s dumping snow.


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More proof that Chappy’s season rocked

Lookin' and feelin' crazier than a shit house rat

A photo posted by Chappy Geer (@chappyg) on

Time to pucker those butt cheeks #bc #kootenaykootersandhooters

A photo posted by Chappy Geer (@chappyg) on

Fire roasted wieners at noon [email protected]

A photo posted by Chappy Geer (@chappyg) on

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