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Tatum Monod can rip with the best of ’em; watch her 2013-14 season edit now

Alberta’s own Tatum Monod has been making a name for herself in the ski world as of late, thanks to her affinity for big hits and burly lines in the backcountry, not to mention her superior backflipping ability. She spent a large portion of her winter in Cooke City, Montana, bagging shots left and right; many of those clips, of course, ended up in Level 1’s less. Knowing that we only saw a snippet of Tatum’s footage in the flick, though, we teamed up with Level 1 this week to bring the unseen footage into the spotlight. Above, you’ll find Tatum’s ’13-14 season edit, with a Q&A to accompany, below.

FREESKIER: What does it mean to you to be featured in Level 1’s less?

Tatum Monod: It’s a dream come true to have my first segment with Level 1. I’m still like, “Someone slap me!” I’m just so happy.

You won Best Female Edit at iF3 this past September. How does it feel to be recognized this way?

That’s something I’m really excited about. Filming my first video part was the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced with skiing, it feels really good to be rewarded for it.

Looking back on your 2013-14 season, is there one trip that stands out as a real highlight?

I spent two months in Cooke City, Montana, a tiny, remote town in Yellowstone National Park. Other than one other girl who worked at the gas station, I was the only female in the town. It didn’t stop snowing the entire time we were there. Everything is accessed by snowmobile and I had to learn to be efficient on my sled pretty damn quick. I’m so grateful that Wiley [Miller] invited me on that trip because that’s where I logged 99% of my shots.

Is there one shot you bagged that you’re most proud of?

I’m working on spinning. Once I get into the backcountry, everything is so different. There are so many elements to deal with. I have a three off a cliff and a seven on a booter; those are some of my favorite shots because they are what challenged me the most.

Do you have a favorite segment in the film? Are there one or two skiers who stand out to you?

Tanner Rainville. He makes everything look so damn easy.

Is there a particular ski film that inspired you as a youngster?

Push and Pull by MSP.

Who inspires you? Within skiing, and also outside of the sport.

Anybody who is pushing the boundaries and challenging themselves. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing as long as they’re passionate. I don’t care if it’s math, skiing, whatever… as long they love what they’re doing.

What’s next for you? Specific trips lined up for winter? Have you set any goals for yourself?

I can’t predict the weather, so it’s too difficult to plan trips at this point. I’m really excited for this season, though.

Anyone in particular that you’re looking to ski with?

The girls. Dania [Assaly], Maude [Raymond], Izzy [Lynch], Nadia [Samer], Lexi [Dupont]… Girls just wanna have fun.

Final thoughts?

I want to thank Mike Nick, my Orage team manager. He has supported me from day one and encouraged me 100% along the way.

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