2014’s best ski films: Read FREESKIER’s review of Level 1’s “less”

2014’s best ski films: Read FREESKIER’s review of Level 1’s “less”

Level 1’s fifteenth annual ski film is named less, and for good reason. While the film is still packed with all of the things that’s made Level 1 great over the years—inspiring urban skiing in locales across the world and innovative backcountry shots—at its core, the movie is about the simple fact that skiing is damn fun. “Do less” has been the mantra for promotion pertaining to the film, and Level 1’s commitment to getting back to the basics is refreshing in a time when ski films are straying towards the serious side.

Duncan Adams earned the opener of the film, taking flight off backcountry booters and mammoth cliffs alike—a rock solid start to the movie, for sure. From there a few fresh faces to the Level 1 crew provide standout segments, including Khai Krepela, Will Berman and Shay Lee. L1P veterans Adam Delorme, Tanner Rainville and Wiley Miller go huge, as usual, while LJ Strenio provides a bit of insight into the trials and tribulations of urban skiing. 2013 Superunknown winner Magnus Granér put out one hell of a street segment, too. Lucas Stål-Madison (LSM) continued to make a name for himself with a unique style that impresses both in the streets and in a solid group closing seg in the arctic tundra of Riksgränsen, Sweden.

The bottom line: less reminds us that in the end, skiing is all about having fun with your friends, and the film’s 54 minutes of pure skiing stoke is certainly evident of that. Here’s to bringing it back to the basics.


Website: level1productions.com/
Facebook: /Level1
Twitter: @Level1
Instagram: @Level1
Trailer Page: https://ow.ly/Br3uk
Runtime: 54 minutes
Get It Now: https://ow.ly/Br3Vr

Official trailer:

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