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Strictly’s bomb proof street flick ‘Most Gutter’ hits the internet

The Colorado centered, global domination focused crew known simply as Strictly has blessed the world wide webs with the digital release of the first of their three 2021 films, ‘Most Gutter’. The film, which was compiled by Andrew Mildenberger, Calvin Barrett, Sam Zahner, and Pete Koukov, features some of the most mind-numbing street skiing of recent memory. Calvin, Sam, and Pete, alongside the part time skier, part time playboy Carson Kerr, and Minnesota Vikings super fan Seamus Flanagan, each showcase their unbelievable pain tolerance and mental fortitudes throughout the film. You might catch a glimpse of Will Berman himself making a guest appearance. You’ll be astounded and confused, amazed and dazzled. How did Seamus survive after his face put a dent into the slanted pavement? How does Eggman Pete ride a scooter with skis on? These questions and more may or may not be answered, but you’ll be having one hell of a time either way. You’ll cheer, you’ll grimace, and you might even shed a tear at the joy emanating from this group of friends doing what they love.


This conglomerate of talent has been together for a long time, and their chemistry is a thing of beauty. With so many people getting behind the camera, the differentiation between filmer and rider is almost lost, making the projects all the more unifying. Aside from ‘Most Gutter’, they have two other movies that they filmed in the winter of 20/21. ‘Wildcard’ and ‘August Light’ are two projects that are equally as passionate and inspiring as this one. After getting to see all three of their movies at the Bozeman, Montana premier, we can confidently tell you that while each one is very different from the other, both in production and skiing style, they all do an incredible job at capturing the wonderful feelings that come hand in hand with skiing.

There really is no other group out there that has the diverse riders that Strictly has. From backcountry kickers to daunting street features, they tame it all. Not to mention the immaculate cinematography and editing done by the toast biting Gavin Rudy and Andrew Mildenberger. Enjoy this well-dialed project, and be on the lookout for the next two films from these animals.

For an in-depth look at what Strictly got up to, be sure to check out FREESKIER’s Small Batch article on the crew in the most recent issue, Vol. 24, IS. 02.

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