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Good Company drops a ‘Fresh Squeezed’ Midwest Madness bonus edit

The latest drop from Good Company comes as a follow up edit to their new movie, ‘Fresh Squeezed‘. With new shots and old, if you’re here for the streets, you’ve come to the right place. While the full film takes you on a ride through the streets of Iowa along with the high hills of Utah, this 9 minute extra video is a Mid-West homage film. Tucker Fitzsimons joins the iconic duo of LJ Strenio and Tom Wallisch as the crew finds features straight out of a dream. They’ll leave you with more questions than answers as the three tear their way across outdoor stages and triple kinked staircase insanity. And if you think triple is mental, keep those lids peeled for young blood Tucker taming a rare six kink monster. To be frank, the question we’re really left to contemplate after watching this is one that skiers have been asking for many, many moons; does Tom Wallisch ever fall? The king of after-bang looks as comfortable as ever in the concrete jungle, with LJ right behind him. The two are a dynamic duo to say the least, and it’s beautiful to see these legends teaming up for a project like this.

Good Company has been going strong for several years now, and at this rate the end is no where near. Aside from their recent films, they have plenty of great throwbacks on their YouTube page. These include several 4Bi9 clips and mash ups, as well as the infamous ‘Wednesdays with Wallisch’. If you’re thirsty for more after this, look no further.

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