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Occupy Mountains: Maxim Arsenault 2011 Segment

Maxim Arsenault is one rad dude.

Maximus is his nickname. Filled with stoke and always, without fail, picking the biggest airs and lines when we pull up to a new zone.

His enthusiasm is infectious. Every skier loves the sport and the mountains, but Maxim's love of skiing is the strongest we have ever seen. He truly deserves to be included in the upper echelon of big mountain skiers. He has a strong future ahead of him.

So thanks Maxim for being a blast to shoot and dedicating your life to the simplicity and adventure of the mountains, away from the occupied chaos of the cities.

Maxim skis for…


Produced by dendritestudios.com/

Director, DOP, Editor Athan Merrick

Additonal Cinematography Anthony Bonello b4apres.com/

The Soft Moon "Total Decay"
The Glitch Mob "Warrior Concerto"

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