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‘Neck of the Woods’ – Brooks Curran takes us for a heart-pounding rip around his home state of Vermont

In many parts of the world, skiers rigorously hunt after the deepest snow they can get. Sometimes, we find ourselves relying on that fresh foot in order to have a good time. If you grew up skiing in the west, you’ve likely fallen into this thought trap once or twice, becoming over indulged in the goods that pour out of the heavens. However, for those who grew up in the Dunkin’ Donuts eating, pine tree covered land of America’s East Coast, you might know a different story.

In the first episode of Nordica’s new series ‘Neck of the Woods’, Vermont’s own Brooks Curran, along with Burrrlapz aficionado and non-Vermonter Essex Prescott, give the people a look at what it takes to find the goods here, and why the skiing and culture has kept him in VT for as long as it has. While many might look at the ski scene east and see a cold, windy, ice-coated nightmare, there is so much more that lies behind the scene. Sure, the bone chilling cold, hefty winds, and abundance of ice will be practically guaranteed to make an appearance in the home of plentiful maple syrup. But if you can retain your patience and stay persistent, you’ll score some turns that will undoubtedly make it all worth it.

Sometimes having to go that extra mile makes the reward of great snow that much more worth it. Just take a look at the camaraderie fostered here. From the Vermont backcountry, to Mad River Glen and Smugglers Notch, Brooks and friends take the party wherever the snow is, and even to where it’s not. As someone who resides in the West, this has certainly shown me a thing or two about why skiing attracts the crowd that it does. When you boil it down, the people will always be more important than the conditions. Anywhere can become the most fun place on earth, with a little help from some water proof gear and strong ski legs. Be on the look out for more from Nordica’s ‘Neck of the Woods’ series coming soon.

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