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Mt. Cain: The mountain oasis on an island in the Pacific

Plopped about as far west as one can travel in the great land of Canada and nestled in the heart of Vancouver Island, British Colombia, there lies a small mountain gem known as Mount Cain. While the mountain itself is anything but small, the resort operation is about as quant as you’ll find. Running a T-Bar lift on the weekends with a handful of volunteer operators and closing down during the week days, the “locals” at Mt. Cain enjoy a lifestyle that few can claim to have lived. Traffic is not a concern, there’s no work commute and the stress that many of us endure in our day to day lives simply doesn’t exist in this ski area parking lot.

As Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson, and Chris Rubens embark on a journey to ski on an island in the Pacific Ocean, it’s hard not to think about the extra steps it takes to seek out adventures such as these. If it wasn’t for a group of overly dedicated loggers, the world may have never known about the amazing stash that hides in the high BC coastal peaks. Mt. Cain represents what waits at the end of the road for each of us if we push our journeys a little further and strive for those moments that seem just out of reach. Sometimes it takes a little more effort than usual to get the finish line, but if Mount Cain is any sort of indication, then that effort is absolutely worth it.

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