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La Sentinelle: A voyage into the oasis of the mountains, with Black Crows co-founder Bruno Compagnet

The idea of finding an oasis in the mountains is not a new one. It has drawn travelers into the snow-covered peaks for decades, all searching for that blissful departure from the often painstaking reality that lies below. With every glide along the skin track, ever step up the boot pack, that freedom is achieved little by little, by putting one foot in front of the other. La Sentinelle, a coming together of those who wish to find this mountain bliss, embodies an idea that originated from this noble quest. Black Crows co-founder Bruno Compagnet has long been in pursuit for this feeling, and even started the Black Crows brand to help others pursue it. Reminiscing on his days as a youth, discovering the heavens that existed in his own backyard, it’s clear this has been a life long obsession of Bruno’s. An obsession that has led him down a unique and impactful road in life, and one that has no end in sight.

But life will inevitably throw curveballs at all of us, which can be frustrating. However, these challenges allow us to reflect on that which we love and take away a deeper appreciation of why we cherish it so. As this video was filmed just before the COVID-19 lockdowns, it makes great note of the little things that we often take for granted. One of those being the simple ability to use our own power and trek into the great unknown. Join Bruno as he describes the birth and cultivation of La Sentinelle, an event that keeps the fire of adventure and tranquility alive and well across the European mountains.


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