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Hunter Hess “MAGMA II” Rough Cut, in all its glory

So, you finished watching (arguably) the best ski film of the year, MAGMA II—but you’re still hungry for more insanity. Maybe you want Alex Hall’s beautiful mug out of the picture and really want to watch the madman, Hunter Hess, go to town. Perhaps you want to load your noggin with some uncut footage. Or, maybe, you the sound of cheers and stoke without the music. There are endless reasons that you might be starving for more MAGMA content and, fortunately, your painstaking days are over. Ladies ‘n gents, this is the Hunter Hess Rough Cut. This beautiful, 24-minute culmination of hard work is presented just as it was filmed. The soundtrack plays without music, simply heart-warming cries of joy from friends, along with the occasional yip from a miscued landing. There ain’t no fancy transitions or computer tech here, just raw clips showing off the dedication of one of skiing’s finest.



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