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Finnish twist: Not your average park edit

With its quirky introduction, cinematic style and killer punk-rock soundtrack, this short movie featuring Finnish skiers Patrik Lilja and Atte Leppäsalo will keep you intrigued from you moment you hit play.

The final product here has a unique feel. Using skits to intrigue the audience, there are hints of MSP’s hay-days filming with Brad Holmes, Seth Morrison and Shane McConkey. One amusing subtlety is the group pushing the car in the beginning of the video are the members of the band Karanteeni, whose song “Ei Oo Mitään Paikka,” is the high energy soundtrack to the movie.

Voyage is director Mikko Syrjänen’s first foray into making a ski movie. “The whole project started from the idea to try out filming skiing while skiing myself. I have never filmed skiing before or filmed while skiing… so it felt like a decent challenge.”

Shot at a small ski hill called Mielakka Snowpark, near the city of Kouvola in southeastern Finland, this edit shows park experts in their element hitting rails, jibbing features, having fun and making it look all too easy.

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