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Fear not! “The tubes have arrived” in RCFS III

Calm down, it’s okay! I know what you’ve been thinking: RCFS is really awesome, but where are the yuge tubes? The thought has been circling our brains as well. But, rest assured, the Wasatch band of backyard hooligans comes very prepared in the third installment of RCFS. With some heavy duty machinery, Will Wesson and friends drag in some long bois and get to work, building yet another round of the most aneurysm-inducing DIY setups on Planet Hoth. Creating this type of madness takes a little extra power and, lucky for the crew, certified engineer Giray Dadali AKA Ahmet’s Brother is here to assist. But, the more the merrier, and LJ Strenio, Mike Carmazzi and Simon Knight join the previous gang of Will Wesson, Mitchell Brower and Kale Cimperman. There are more insane 50/50’s than have ever been captured on film, and keep your lids peeled for that NASTY nose press stall. you’ll know it when you see it. The spanish chords of the Gypsy Kings fuel this intense throw down, so get ready to get groovin’! But as always, the mystery runs deep and question is still… WHAT DOES IT MEAN?



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