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RCFS | UNO – A new series from Will Wesson and friends

Will Wesson is many things—talented skier, rail messiah, staple of the infamous Line Traveling Circus, YOKE poster boy. But park feature curator?! Seems there’s not much the man can’t do. In the Wasatch mountains, Will and company have created their own creative paradise. Using pipes, rails, tires and anything else they can snag, this crew is making dream-like features come to life. According to comments on social media, it seems Will has been picking up welding as well as snow cat driving to bring his imagination to reality and, now, with the help of Wasatch Academy, it seems that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks. New skills, new maneuvers, never before thought-of features; what’s not to love? As fans of the innovative, we can only hope that Will and crew are putting together more ingenuity-fueled projects. Can’t wait to see where RCFS goes. The only question that remains…. what does it mean?

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