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Does skiing have a future? See what Whistler Blackcomb thinks

It’s relatively easy for a ski area like Whistler Blackcomb to create a blower pow edit, or a vibrant pump-up video about its village, or an entire documentary about its rich history. But, this season, the largest ski area in North America isn’t settling for easy. It’s facing skiing’s toughest questions through a four-part video series dubbed The Big Picture, and episode one is a doozy.

Starkly titled “Is Our Thirst For Adventure Threatening Our Environment?” the episode approaches the oh-so-scary topic of climate change and its growing effect on the ski industry. Much of the seven-minute video features Arthur Dejong, Whistler Blackcomb’s planning and environmental resource manager.

“We need to take a lead. We need to be—particularly Whistler—a global light to global tourism,” he points out. “And, in many ways, we already have done some of that in our recreation creation. Why not take that ingenuity, that youthfulness, that Whistler so has, and drive harder?”

Dejong continues, speaking to the ski area’s efforts in reducing its footprint through changes with waste management, energy use and even the types of food that are served. This collectively all hits you as a viewer in a concerning, yet inspiring way, and we’re simply stoked to see a player as big as Whistler Blackcomb stepping up to face these tough topics.


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