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Deuces, Peace out, and “Smell You Later” from the Capeesh Crew

The boys that make up the Capeesh crew should be arrested, because they’ve been murdering the scene across Austria and Switzerland for months. Well, years, if we’re being accurate. But the evidence featured here only spans from October through November. Big air, metal sliding wizardry, snowskating—this video has it all. Honestly, how on earth could an edit that opens with Henrik Harlaut singing along to some Madvillian be bad? (RIP to the greatest, DOOM forever!) From start to finish, this is nothing but good buddies sharing good times, and the second half of this edit might be some of the most killer big air clips ever to grace the internet. The camera angles, music and, of course, the skiing all combine into a magnificent experience that flows like butter on a stack of hot flapjacks.

Capeesh, a welcoming community that’s primarily Norwegian as far as I can tell, has clip after clip of bind bending skiing on their channel, as well as incredibly fresh belts that, when in stock, can be found here. Sharing ties with fellas featured in the recent Eppern and The Dudes compilation, Legal Dancing, it’s no surprise that this edit also gives off contagiously good spirits. Views, exposure, money—none of that is top of the priority list here. After all, riding with your buddies is the best. Capeesh?



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