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Despite the title, Migi Reibenschuh’s latest edit proves this is far from his first rodeo

Unless you’ve been keeping up with the park scene at Laax for the past few years with a keen eye, the young and hungry Switzerland native Migi Reibenschuh is most likely a name that’s new to you. To the best of my knowledge, the latest large project he had a hand in was the incredible 5 minute LINE flick, ‘From Davos with LINE‘, and the dude did not disappoint. If you have yet to watch the project, you are HIGHLY encouraged to, as Migi and friends take Davos by storm with a unique blend of style and talent. By the looks of it, his peers have had an impact on his riding, and the reciprocal is most likely true as well. His flair is recognizable, but more importantly, he has fun doing what he’s good at; which happens to be boosting jumps and greasing rails.

In December, Migi dropped a soothing edit made up of clips from the recent season titled ‘Rookie’, and that’s what you’re about to lay eyes upon. While he might want you to think it, he is clearly no amateur in the world of skiing. He’s been doing this for long enough to make a dent in the game, (reference his 2013 season edit for a peek at young MR going off), and his overdue recognition seems to be on its way. This hand cam compilation is a work of underground beauty, and is more evidence that you don’t need the high price cameras or drone shots to craft a flick that conveys the joy that skiing can bring into someones life. You’ll be hard pressed to find a shot of Migi without a smile on his face in this passion project. From the snowy streets, to Laax, to the backcountry booters and beyond, we can only hope that there’s more Migi content on the way in the near future.

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