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‘From Davos with LINE’ – The crew sends warm regards as they tear through Jatzpark in Davos, Switzerland

Everyone’s goals on their skis are different. Once you click into those bindings, it’s open range. From place to place, skier to skier, the vision changes. It used to seem that the main goal was to go bigger and do better than the person next to you. But times change and goals evolve. Freeskiing has, in recent years, seen more and more individuals that are putting their own, unique stamp on the sport. There is perhaps no where else that has been more of a mecca for this kind of growth and expression of style than the park scenes scattered across central Europe, specifically the great nation of Switzerland.

Laax, Saas-Fee, and Davos are just a few of the destinations that have come to host some of the most top tier set ups in the known universe. Each of these towns plays host to different parks that are each note worthy in their own ways. One of said establishments is known as Jatzpark, which sits above the town of Davos, and it just happens to be the location that several members of the LINE Skis team chose to bring the heat to in their most recent highlight reel.

As is mentioned, it’s a game of style in Switzerland. And if you’re looking for who to refer to when it comes to the top dawgs of this next generation of riding, look no further. ‘From Davos with LINE’ is a cover to cover symphony of smooth flowing skiing, drenched head to toe in aesthetics. Sämi Ortlieb, Johan Lovey, Migi Reibenschuh, Kim Gubser, and Joel Liimatainen serve as prime examples of the incredibly creative new flairs that are pouring into skiing. It’s always refreshing to see a crew that combines the old with the new, and uses their intuition to come up with far more than what the current standard is. Hopefully this all star line up has more content coming our way soon.

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