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‘A Dance with a Stranger’ Act 2: Mike Hornbeck & Spencer Milbocker are Back Baby

Come take a ride on an absolutely top tier midwest skiing experience. I’m not taking about a wild urban shoot in the early hours of a desolate morning. No rope tows, no ice beards, no jeans on skis. And nope, it’s not a people pleasin’ rail jam, either. We’re going up to Boyne Mountain, Michigan, where the legendary Mike Hornbeck is out tearing up that hill like it has never been torn up before. With Spencer Milbocker in close proximity, wheelin’ and dealin’ with one of the meanest follow cam games in the league, “A Dance with a Stranger” Act 2 is a fitting sequel to the incredibly well rounded and beautifully made original. Mike still owns his style in such a way that very few every have. He is extremely recognizable, and has served as an influence for so many aspiring skiers today. Making the most out of what you have seems to be at the cornerstone of how he sees the mountain.

As you can imagine, Michigan doesn’t have too many vertical feet. The jumps aren’t all that large, and the rails are there, but they’re limited. That being said, there’s clearly enough potential there for a well trained eye to spot a line that would make any sane skier jealous. Mike can pick these lines apart with ease, getting craft on the features that are supplied. Armada has been supporting him since way back, and it seems the relationship that the two have has only grown. Spencer has also been filming with Armada on several occasions, and has added another masterpiece of an edit to the arsenal.

The Stranger, which is the sleek looking ski featured in this series, is something of a science project for Armada. It’s part of the brands Zero Series, which features several other models, all athlete designed and created. It’s meant to be the ideal ski for exactly what you see here; groomers, rails, jibs, and a fun time at your local resort. Will you ski like mad dog Mike with these bad boys? Nope, probably not. But you will have an absolute blast and probably get a bit better than you were, and what more could you ask for? Press play and soak up some inspiration from one of skiings most iconic midwest rippers.

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