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Ben Buratti knows how to bring a crowd in “Write Your Line”

Skiing often leaves us with the desire to keep branching out. It brings a freedom that can be hard to describe, as it’s so personal for everyone. The French ripper Ben Buratti is one of the many skiers today who takes the sport in his own style, leaving a unique line on the mountain. This seems to be the premise of his latest 3 minute heater, “Write Your Line”. Ben looked to some icons of his life for inspiration in the latest piece, with Richard Permin, Seb Michaud, Edgar Grospiron, and Laurent Favre all showing face in the film. Even fellow young bloods Perrine Laffond and Kadis Gomis got some screen time. While not all of these talented skiers got camera time on their skis during this flick, the sentiment was there. It’s a gesture that unites those who came before, and those who are now paving the way. It doesn’t take a genius to know that skiing, and many other facets of life, have only become what they are because of the ones who put in the work to make it so.

This is one of the few projects released by Ben, but his project with directors Andy Collet and Marc Augey that was released one year ago, titled “FINALLY“, set the bar extremely high. If you never got the chance to see the 12 minute odyssey documenting Ben’s return to the La Clusaz after the COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s very worth the watch. There’s no doubt that he is one of the better skiers in France, in the world for that matter, but it’s awesome for those of us on this side of the screen to see Ben focusing on projects like these. Hopefully he has something cookin’ for this upcoming season. But no matter where his sights are, we hope he’s out enjoying the personal freedom that skiing so beautifully brings out.

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