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Ben Buratti is “finally” back on skis

As the lifts are once again spinning at most resorts around the northern hemisphere,and snow continues to fall, many of us are sensing that familiar feeling—finally! Finally we are able to once again ride, hike and paint on the canvas of snow that we oh-so long for. While early season days can be painstaking at times, I for one have found that I’m feeling more grateful than ever before; even if it’s just one side hit, one hip-layin’ groomer, one rail, it feels incredible just be able to once again enjoy that what we’ve been longing for all summer long.

“Finally,” which features the talented young frenchman Ben Buratti and directed by Andy Collet and Marc Augey, aims to capture these feelings of anticipation, gratitude and hunger for the sport and mountains. After hiking into Ben’s home mountains of La Clusaz, France—also the home of the legend Candide Thovex—the team builds a series of staggering features, which Burrati goes to town on. A beautiful contrast between light and dark, triumph and let down, highs and lows, this film spotlights just how good it can feel to get back to doing what you love. The movie also makes the apt point that human connections are a pinnacle of happiness, and without these interactions, things can seem meaningless.

With the current pandemic, many have probably felt that loss of human connection, just as is displayed in the film. That being said, maybe now more than ever, it is important to look at what you are doing, and ask yourself if it is bringing YOU joy. As we have witnessed throughout this year, life will inevitably throw us curveballs, prompting everyone to cope with them individually. The ability to deal with those curveballs and not rely on others is key, as Ben displays by trekking into the French Alps and pursuing what he loves. However, having those you love around you to support your endeavors is often just as important—individual prosperity and friendship go hand-in-hand, and need each other to thrive.

So, as we step into this new season, with fresh snow and new hopes on the horizon, savor this feeling of “finally.” Not only to be back on skis, but to be back with friends, in the spaces that we love, doing what brings each of us joy. Ben and the huge crew that it took to make this project have truly created a wonderful film that features not only incredible camera work and skiing, but conveys a timely and beautiful message; be thankful for this incredible activity, the friends we share it with and amazing places that it brings us to.

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