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B-Mack and The Bunch make quick work of the Oslo streets

There might not be a more progressive group in freestyle skiing than The Bunch. The Scandinavian snow slayers have been breaking the so called “rules” of what seems possible on skis for years, with their most recent feature-length project “Is There Time for Matching Socks?” falling right in-line with their pattern of… well, breaking patterns! This video, however, is not an equal parts effort of all Bunch members. “CITYSKIING” is a project of the musician, editor and skier known as b-mack, or Maximillian Smith, if we’re going off instagram, but hell, b-mack sounds cooler. Here we get a beautiful visual demonstration of what it means to be yourself on skis. Along with b-mack, we have the Krypto Skier AKA Erik Moberg, Magnus Graner, Emil Larssen, Sig Teivt and Jonas Fjesltad on the sticks, showing the good people of Oslo and beyond what great urban skiing looks like. Rails, walls, sculptures and plenty other wild man-made features are mercilessly bombarded by this crew in the most stylish and entertaining ways. Good homies doing what they love while simultaneously giving the city dwellers a most impressive show; The Bunch really knows how to live.

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