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Is There Time for Matching Socks? – The Bunch asks the question we’ve all wondered

The modern world that we coexist in can move incredibly fast. To keep up with this tenacious pace, we are often forced to live in habitual, repetitive ways. These patterns can be extremely beneficial. Setting yourself into productive routines will inevitably allow you to excel at whatever tasks are placed before you. Habits can go both ways, however, and while they can lead to desired results, they can also encourage falling into an “auto-pilot” mode. These are the non-beneficial, robot-like brain states that everyone has experienced at some point. An unbroken routine day-after-day brings a reduced sense of awareness, presentness, and even appreciation. These are the downsides of the “auto-pilot” mode, something that our society all too often encourages with the promise of pay off one day, as long as you live like a drone today. The Bunch, sticking true to their unbelievably inspiring ways of always peering outside the box, has sent us all a reminder to break from those routines, to do something that scares you, and to always question even the most basic of tasks. With that in mind, The Bunch presents, “Is There Time for Matching Socks?”

It is no stretch to say that over the past several years, The Bunch has redefined what a ski movie can be. Their visual creations plunge the viewer into another world, employing film elements that would impress Lewis Carrol himself. One could say that there has been a template set for ski movies. The OG legends of Warren Miller, Matchstick Productions and Teton Gravity Research set the standards for feature length ski films, and nothing but respect must be paid to these pioneers. With that being said, it doesn’t take a cinematographer to tell you that a Bunch film is inherently different than the flicks that these giants have created. Not better or worse, just different. And that could be the most admirable thing about The Bunch; they do not seem to be on a quest to produce with the highest budget, or ski the biggest line, or throw the wildest trick. They make movies and ski in their own way, all the while taking influence from the greats, like E-Dollo AKA Henrik Harlaut, who is featured is the closing segments. But although they learn from the best, The Bunch continues to create exactly the product that they imagine, bending to nobody’s standards.

Speaking of non-conformity, I would be remiss without mentioning a corner stone of The Bunch, Mr. SkiManGuy himself, Magnus Graner. His skiing style could be paralleled to the music of Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker or any of the jazz greats; sporadically darting, spinning, and sliding around the mountain in a somehow random yet composed way. Magnus is a pioneer of street skiing, and freeskiing as a whole, really. His ability to imagine his own style and hit any feature in an original way is unmatched, but often imitated, as happens with creative greatness. Not only is he mindful on the slopes, but he and the whole crew are aware and conscious in many aspects of life including health and clean energy. Seeing as this whole project’s carbon emissions were balanced by 200%, it’s easy to notice that this awareness consists of far more than just talk, and the actions speak for themselves.

A personal favorite from Magnus

Now while the filming and editing cannot go unmentioned, these films are representations of the subject for which they are the conduit. That subject would be an unprecedented creative style of freeskiing. These Scandinavian marauders have set them selves on another level due to their outside-of-the-box riding. Selection of features, style of trick, and unrelenting skill have led the Bunch to ski industry stardom. Their creativity that has been brought to the sticks is almost unparalleled, and has inspired more “new-wave” riders than one can count. Often times it can be hard to see a change in history while living through it, but the ripples that The Bunch has created are really one of a kind. They have been the catalyst for innovation in the sport of skiing around the globe. The most admirable part is that these guys don’t seem to be trying to change history in the slightest. They’re riding exactly how they want to, and if nobody was watching my gut says they would ski and live life exactly the same. Driven by passion and an unrelenting love for the craft, how could you not completely endorse everything that The Bunch stands for.

This dark horse crew has paved may new roads before, and it seem that they will continue this pattern well into the future. As a group with a platform, their influence is felt across the skiing community and beyond. Not just in their skiing style, but in the lifestyles they live and in the ideals they portray. It’s a big responsibility when you think about it, and one that can easily be overwhelming. But as far as influence goes, you would be hard pressed to find an example when The Bunch was spreading a negative one. “Is There Time for Matching Socks?” begs all of us to evaluate how we are living and why. Are we using our routines productively, or are we continuously roaming unaware on auto-pilot? Are we doing the same thing over and over again without realizing, or are we completing similarly structured tasks and making note of each ones significance. With a movie that is so unique and inquisitive in every aspect, it’s hard to not contemplate these questions. Sliding a rail has the same goal every time, and yet each one featured in this film is laced with individual style and flair. Similar task, different significance. Breaking that daily droll can indeed lead to some pretty astounding results, and if you don’t believe me, you clearly haven’t clicked that play button yet.

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