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An annual pilgrimage to Portillo, Chile with Tecnica Blizzard

David Rosenbarger, also known as American Dave, was invited by Frank Since and Tecnica Blizzard to head down to Portillo, Chile for some summer shredding. He takes us through the decision to head to Portillo here:

Skiing new places all over the globe has been a great passion of mine for many years. So when Frank Shine and Tecnica Blizzard invited me to join them on their annual pilgrimage to Portillo, Chile, I jumped at the chance.

Portillo has been described to me as taking a cruise ship and docking it in the middle of the Andes Mountains. It is one of most unique ski areas I have visited. The bright yellow hotel is simply amazing with views straight out of a coffee table book. Once atop the steepest and fasted draglift I have ever ridden, short traverses take you to intricate and fun terrain. For our trip, the company consisted of Marcus Caston, Austin Ross, Frank Shine & myself. We came down to Portillo with trusted camaraderie that is earned from like-experiences out on the hill. Four friends in search of snow. We were blessed with about 12” when we arrived and then sunny and warm conditions for the remainder of the week. We were able to find good soft snow all week and unlike most other ski areas, we did not have to compete with others for that snow. With the views, terrain, and lack of crowds, it is a world-class destination for ski photography. There was never a dull moment in Portillo. Enjoy this gallery that tells our story vividly.



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